Monday, January 18, 2016

[Recipe] Cauliflower Bacon Fried Rice + Teriyaki Beef Tips

Here's a fun little recipe I got to cook last night! I found a great Cauliflower Fried Rice recipe online and changed it a little to suit my needs - and it was the first time I've worked with Cauliflower in this way.

One of the things about this meal is being that it's an Asian style - the cooking happens very quickly. That being said - I was moving around like a mad man and didn't get pictures of the process, but I will explain what I did.

This recipe I break down into 3 servings, so here's everything you need and the nutrition information of the recipe.
Where it says "5 cups Cauliflower" - it's just one whole head of Cauliflower, minus the leaves and the main stalk. 

Here's a picture of my favorite ingredients from the list that I keep in my cupboard for anytime I do Asian styled recipes - and all were used in this recipe.

I prefer Swerve Sweetener but I was out - so I grabbed the Harris Teeter brand in a pinch.
Sesame Oil (only in bulk on Amazon - you're local store should have it.)

If you want to make this today - go to the Asian isle of your local grocery store or to an Asian grocery store and you should be able to find all of this (except Swerve or Erythitol).

Now for cooking.. I use two pans - a deep frying pan for the sauce/beef and a Wok for the fried rice. You wanna get the Wok hot as hell before you even begin cooking so put it on high heat first before you start prepping and let it just heat up. You want the "Flavor of the Wok" and the Wok cooking everything without adding oil and such. (Really stove tops can't get Wok's hot enough to really work the way they are supposed to - but they do fine for this home style cooking. If you ever have the opportunity to use a Large Wok on like a propane heated element - you'll really enjoy that!)

By this time I assume you have both pans on high and warming.

Now, I cook these at the same time - but I'm trained in a kitchen. If you aren't feel free to make these one at a time - as I make them to start my meals on the following day, it doesn't matter to me on what order I make them in, as they get tupper wared anyway.

Beef Tips First. 

Cut the Beef into small tips (unless you buy them already ready for pan frying).
You wanna throw them in the frying pan (I like to put a spritz of Pam Olive or Butter oil down before doing so) and sear them very quickly.. (I like my meat rare so I'm talking 1 minute to 2 max)

As soon as they are browning to your liking remove from heat on a plate and let them rest.

In the same frying pan drop to medium/high and put the following in: 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1tbls rice vinegar, 2tbls Swerve (or other sweetener), 1tbls Minced garlic, 1tsp minced ginger
Begin stirring.
At this time if I got a lot of evaporation I'll usually add a little more water/soy sauce by sight.
In a separate glass, mix 1/4 cup water and your 1tsp of Cream of Tartar (Xantham Gum is actually preferred for sauce thickening, but I have never found it at my local grocery stores)
Once that's mixed and looking milky, drop the heat to low and as it starts to lower throw in the Water/tartar mixture and wisk with the rest of the sauce, keep on low as it thickens up.

Once it's thick to your liking, throw in the beef tips, stir and get it all good and lathered up, and cover. Leave on low for 5-10 minutes depending on how rare you like your Beef.
Excuse the mess - I was wisking hella hard and my stove tops always cause everything to run to the sides of the pan lol.

This is done, you can remove to cool or if you cooked at the same time, serve!

Cauliflower Bacon Fried Rice

First of all, you wanna prepare the Cauliflower by removing the main stalk and greens, then tearing the cauliflower into small leafettes. Grab your Food Processor and throw the cauliflower in it as you shred it to little bitty pieces! 

Once you've done that to the whole thing you wanna put it on a plate that has a paper towel on it, then put a paper towel on top and start pressing it with your body weight - you want to dry the cauliflower out as much as possible. There are ways to do a quick bake of it to crisp it up - but I'm ok with hand drying it like this.

Prep 3-4 green onions(scallions) up about half way from the bulb. 

Take 3 slices of bacon and slice thin into tiny strips. 

Your prep is done!

Now - Throw the bacon into the Wok and start crisping it up - I like mine crispy on the almost burnt side - but cook to your liking, then remove the bacon onto paper towels (leave the fat in the pan).
Pour the Cauliflower straight into the pan on top of the bacon fat, add your 2tbls of Soy sauce and mix it all up as it fries. Once mixed, push off to the side of the wok and on the empty space drop your Scallions, 2tbls Sesame oil, 1tsp minced garlic, 1tsp minced ginger let that get warm for 30 secs - 1 minute then mix it all together. Add heavy black pepper here if you like or salt to your liking, but mix well for about a minute then push it off to the side again.

In the empty area drop 2 large eggs, I wisk it for a quick scramble, you can do whatever you like.. and then mix it in with the rice mixture, once mixed in drop the bacon on top and mix some more as you remove from heat!

All Done!
Looks strange but tastes amazing. My cleaning lady is quoted as saying "This is better than rice at a Japanese restaurant"

You can serve as you wish now - or do what I did and break it up into 3rds in tupper ware to eat for dinner this Monday-Wednesday.

Feel free to add chives or Sesame seeds at this point for aesthetics and taste; I put the extra sauce in the pan too to add to the overall taste of everything. I'll be eating my first round of this for dinner tonight and I can't wait.

Here's to much more usage of Cauliflower - it's fun, simple, and fairly quick to mess with. I felt it would be daunting but really it wasn't bad at all.

And for a 500 or so calorie meal with 13g net carbs - it's not too shabby especially because my lunch will be some fat bombing (or i'll lunch this and have a night full of hot wings!)

Keep Calm, Keto On.

See you at the Bottom

Recipe was inspired by's Cauliflower Rice. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cheating: Why It Shouldn't Be a Thing.

I found myself thinking about addiction this morning, specifically after reading a title to a Reddit post that read 
"I had to accept failure as part of this process in order to actually see results"

It got me thinking a simple thought - Do you? Do we? Do we have to accept failure as part of the process of weight loss?

It got me thinking, because the fact is that those of us who want to lose weight will struggle for years and years - and sometimes a lifetime - are addicted. We are addicts to food - or to laziness - or to just not caring about health. We are addicts. 

Addiction is a fuckwhore of a beast - and there are infinite things we as Humans can be addicted to - but we all know the main ones. Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Smoking, Obesity/Eating.

Weight loss and healthy eating are the only one of those 4 that it is a standard rule of thumb that it's ok to take a cheat day. Why? Why is it ok to cheat on our diets - but not ok to cheat on alcoholism and drug addiction?

Some people will say because if you cheat/relapse on drugs or alcohol it will put you into a downward spiral, cause you to undo all the good you did, and make it exponentially harder to get out of the rut and get clean again.

Isn't it the EXACT same in eating?

Think about it: You're 30 days in and feeling great, the cravings for sweets and bad food has subsided mostly - and then you justify a cheat day (which is really just giving into a craving).

Then the next day, since you cheated you justify the next day and say it's ok - I'll start back tomorrow. Fast Forward 3 months, you never got back onto your diet - you gained back everything you lost and maybe more - and now it's harder to start again.

I'm speaking to myself here too - I often justify cheating and then find myself in the rollercoaster of weight loss constantly. I started Keto almost 2 years ago and after losing 40 here and gaining back, 50 here, gaining back, ect.. I'm no better for it - I'm still obese, I never dropped below 360 - and I always cheated and bounced back to newer and higher weights.

Today I ask you to ask yourself, as I am - is cheating really necessary?

I think the answer is no.

When we can finally become strong enough to tell ourselves no - that's when we can beat the addiction - and hopefully finish the race to healthier, fitter us's.

See you at bottom.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Be the Statistic or Beat the Statistic.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Recipe] Chicken Crust Alfredo Pizza!

Hello friends!

I am back with another recipe! I saw a friend who had gastric post a pizza where the recipe called for chicken as the crust; and I couldn't believe I had not thought about that before!

So here I present to you a high protein/ SUPER low carb pizza (I have plans to make a buffalo version in the future)

First up, Sorry for the tall photos, I didn't think to turn the camera :/ This is 1.4lbs of chicken breast I had left over from cooking my weekly meals the other day; so I threw it in the Food Processor on shred and it turned into this! 

Covered it in wax paper and began rolling it out!

It's fine that it doesn't go all the way to the edges, I got it nice and thin though :)

I used 1/2 cup of Bertoli's Alfredo Sauce  which was one of the lowest carb Alfredo Sauces I have found!

1 Cup of Kraft Mozzerella on top of the sauce

28 Hormel Pepperonis, which is 2 servings.

1 Serving of the Hormel Pork Sausage! 

1 serving of black olives because I love black olives.

** I did forget to take a picture after throwing another cup of Mozzerella on top of the pizza. Essentially, I used one whole 2 cup bag for this recipe; 1 cup as the base 1 cup on top.

After baking at 400 for 16 minutes viola; we have this beautiful mother fucker. (Yes I gave to clean my stove.. did a lot of cooking this week and I am lazy)

Here is the entire pizza; just under 2,000 calories for the whole thing and only 14g of carbs.. However...

Let's break it up into a 1/4 pizza serving; and we have just under 500 calories, 4g carbs, and amazing macros all around! 

Now some advice that I didn't do: as I ate it the chicken broke apart some (which I didn't care about.. but you might). Use 1 cup of Parmesan cheese or something similar and mix it with the chicken; should help bind it all together real good. Maybe even an egg or two. I will test this hypothesis out on the next go round!

Until next time

Friday, June 19, 2015

Klean Keto is Far Superior to Whatever the Fuck I Was Doing the Last Two Times

Keto ultimately failed for me the last 2 times I tried it. I understand why now. As I did research and spoke with people about ketogenic diets, the main theme that was thrown around a lot was "calories don't matter, it's all about the carbs"... I think that is skewed. I was told that it didn't matter what I ate and how much, as long as I was under 20g of carbs for the day.

That usually ended up with me eating a bag of pork rinds at night because I was so hungry. That then led to me using French Onion dip with my pork rinds. Still under 20g carbs per day, so it had to be ok right?


What it did was make me lose weight at such a slow pace, that I ended up giving up both times. The first time i went from 395 to 360 over the course of about 3 months. Granted, a lot of cheating happened, but I was always super strict with my carbs when not on a cheat day.. Still super slow.

The second time I went from 390 to 365, but that included 2 weekends back to back where i walked miles a day working conventions; a lot of exertion while not eating a lot (too busy). I was actually 372 before the weekend, so that 7 pounds was literally busting my ass all weekend. This was another 60 day time frame. Then I just started justifying cheating, and well, the rest is history.

2 months later; I had gained back up to 385. I decided to make the change but to do it different this time. If you go back to the beginnings of this blog, you will see that I lost substantial weight a few years ago eating small meals throughout the day. My best friend encouraged me to do that again.

So what I decided to do was a hybrid, a cleaner Keto diet, without all the cheeses and "this is high in fat, low carb, so binge on it" foods. No more night snacks, no more justifications, just clean ketosis. I call it Klean Keto.

My diet is Chicken, Beef, Broccoli, and Avocado. Mostly. In my last post I showed you what a day looks like. I have taken the 1/4th avocado out of each of the meals, and instead use a whole one at night in an Avocado Chocolate milkshake thats about 4-5g net carbs.

I was challenged by a vendor for VapeMania 15, Shawn, to a weight loss challenge. He had recently started Keto. He probably didn't know I had been cheating for 2 months solid. He also probably didn't know that I had just started back on my diet 2 days prior. Either way, I accepted. On Sept 4th, 2015 at VapeMania 15 (my convention) we will have an official weigh in to see who lost the most. The loser will donate $500 to the winner's charity, and wear a dress and make up the second day of the convention. This challenge has really gotten me more excited.

So what's the secret?

It feels like a game, a sport; and I don't fucking lose.

I started 11 days ago. 7 days ago I weighed in at 383.3, the next day I weighed 385.5. This morning, I weighed 372.6

Already in 11 days, I am lighter than I was going into that convention. I am feeling way better, I am abstaining from snacking at night, and I am losing the weight.

The other change is I'm actually going to the gym. Not every day, not yet. I'm slowly building myself back up to it, and within a couple weeks I expect to be able to work out 5-7 days a week again. I had a panic attack trying to do cardio 2 nights ago, and I think it's because I was trying to push myself too hard a little too soon, so I got off the eliptical, went and worked out weights for an hour, did some abs, then came back and did another spurt of cardio. It was a total of 15 minutes on the elliptical; but it's a start.

I expect to be able to go a full hour by July 11th, easy. The panic attack thing sucks, and I know I just have to fight through that shit.

I am not going to lose this competition, and I'm not going to quit. I am the type of person who is completely content with eating the same thing every day; so this is easy for me. Tomorrow I cook the next week's food, and that's a 2 hour workout in itself too!

I am more active already, I've chosen to go walk around the mall and Barnes and Nobles a few times already in the past week, when normally I'd choose to be stationary. I am wanting to move more; and that's a good thing.

Here's to July 11th, where I'll give an update on my weight and cardio time, and keep talking about how this cleaner keto is superior to lazier keto.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peanut Butter Chocolate Avocado Milk Shake

Here for you today is a simple recipe for a banging avocado milkshake. After making it, I suggest upping the splenda, or any other sweetener you may want to use; because it could always be sweeter (though I don't mind it not being super sweet)

I actually got an avocado from Walmart, but an avocado is an avocado. 

6 total Net Carbs, 29g fat 10g protein and 1048 Potassium! That's the jam right there. As you can see my total day today is 1305 calories.. not even hungry!

I'll get pictures step by step if you want, but I think you can figure it out; I did ad 4 ice cubes to it as well :)

Here is the blender I prefer, as I just click the preset "frozen drink" and it came out perfect.

See ya next time!

Also: I'll be updating with a challenge I received soon!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Hidden Carb-Loaded Item that Knocked me out of Keto This morning.

So I have been having some trouble sleeping and my schedule is all out of wack; so I decided last night I would take some ZzzQuil to help get to sleep; 5 hours and 2.5 doses later I finally passed out. This morning, I had been knocked out of Keto! I couldn't believe it, so I looked at the ingredients, and it has corn syrup. So I did some research: NyQuil: 93 calories, 19g carbs DayQuil: 93 calories, 19g carbs ZzzQuil: 81 calories, 10g carbs No wonder! I took 2.5 doses and that was enough, (on top of my 20g of carbs from the day) to knock me out of keto! So be careful when taking medicines, cough or otherwise during sick seasons! Also: these values were liquid, I have to check on the capsule versions to see if they have the same (they just never work as good for me!) So I guess no Zzzquil for this guy! -Freeze