Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And Here we go!

So here we are. Its March 16th, and I just had my roomate Matt take these photos. Now, the scale does show me at 326, although if you compare these photos to the others, the "befores", then in my mind, its hard to see a difference, Maybe you will be able to see what I cant see.

Either way, Im posting my measurements as of March 1st below, and weight (which unfortunately hasnt changed at all.) Then, what my new diet is starting tomorrow.

And as a side note: Im doing all of this legally. No illegal substances or anything. I do take some Pre and Post workout stuff, and ill say that below as well. In my measurements, black will be actual, red will be goal to hit by April 1st.

March 1st Measurements:
Weight: 327.2lbs 315
Left Bicep: 15.75inch 15
Right Bicep: 16 inches 15
L Bicep Flexed: 17 18
R Bicep Flexed: 17 18
L Thigh: 28.5 27
R Thigh: 28.4 27
L Calf: 17.75 17
R Calf: 18.5 18
Neck: 19.25 19
Chest: 51.75 50
Waist around belly button: 56 52
Waist where I wear pants: 48 44

When I made these goals on March 1st, I was going to be doing heavy strength lifting alongside of my cardio. After having talked to my friends who all are bodybuilders, we decided a better approach for weight loss would be higher reps at lower weight. And I just started this on Monday, March 14th, 2011. The few weeks I was in the gym before this date, I was doing bodybuilding and strength regimens, and walking to and from the gym, or other lighter cardio.

As of monday im doing something different. Here is my schedule:
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Weds: Legs
Thurs: Shoulders
Fri: Arms
Sat: Core
Sun: Rest ( still doing cardio)
each of these days is accompanied by cardio of course. So what I actually did so far was:
Monday: Incline bench w/ Dumbells 15lbs 50 reps x 3
Regular Bench w/dumbells 20 lbs 50 reps x3
On the cables High to low: 5 lbs 50 reps 4x
On the cables Low to High: 5 lbs 50 reps 3x
On the cables Middle: 5 lbs 50 reps 4x

And this chest workout is amazing, i was doing what we call 5+5's ( Each set increases reps and weight by 5. Example: 1st set 10lbs 10 reps, 2nd set 15lbs 15reps, ect.. to a minimum of 25 reps (or 4 sets) with the option to go to a 5th set(for 30 reps) if the 25 reps where completed. I stopped this style this Monday, because for building good mass quick, it IS amazing, and if you want to build mass, I will show you the 6 day workout at the gym anytime you want)
On Monday I also did 45 minutes on the treadmill, intervals of 2.4mph at 7 incline, and 2.8mph at 4

Tuesday: Back day
Seated Lat Pull downs (outer grip) 55lbs for 50reps x 3
Seated Lat pull downs (inner grip) 55lbs for 50 reps x3
Seated Rows: 40lbs for 50 reps x3
I dont know what to call the next 2, but its inner and outer grip style, single arm or double arm machine that you sit down facing the weight and pull towards you, like a row, but different. Either way i had 25lbs on each arm, did both inner and outer 3x for 50 reps.

So thats a total of 600 reps. This is what I need to be doing to build lean muscle and burn fat!
I then did an hour on the treadmill. intervals. 3.0mph at 2 incline, and 2.4mph at 7 incline. (Thanks Meredith for staying on with me! Def made everything go by quicker!)

And last but not least
Weds: Legs
Leg press: 135lbs 50reps x3
Leg Curls: 30 lbs 50 reps x3
Hip Abduction: 30 lbs 50 reps x3
Hip Adduction: 30 lbs 50 reps x 3
Thats ALL i did today, i know it wasnt the best, i didnt even get to squats, but when I was done, I sat down with Nate, the go to nutritionist and trainer, and had an extensive talk about my workouts and diet. And we went through what I have been eating, and we changed the hell out of it.

So here is my diet, starting tomorrow:
9 AM: Breakfast essentials (1 serving) made with water, not milk, and a banana if I want.

11 AM: 1/2 wrap ( my total wrap is 4oz turkey, 1 oz cheese, little brown mustard, on green, veggie made wrap. I make the total thing, and then cut it in half)

1PM: 4oz chicken breast( or a packet of tuna, plain) 1/4 serving of rice (which happens to be 1/4 cup) 1serving of mixed veggies (in this case, 2/3 of a cup)

3Pm: Other 1/2 of wrap

7PM: Post workout protein shake

9PM: 4oz of lean (94/6) beef, 1/4 serving rice, 1 serving veggies

and if I get hungry before bed, 1 spoon (not heaping) of peanut butter.

All of this while drinking 64-128 ounces of water a day. I have premade all of this food for this week already, so it will be easy to put it in my lunch box and go.

Let me know what you think! I will post pictures of the food in like 30 seconds.

Starting tomorrow: I will post everyday with my workout. And then 1st of the month i will do weight and measurements and pictures. And I WILL let you know if I somehow cheat on my diet (although, pre-portioning seems to me to be an easy way to keep from doing so)

Thank you again for your Support!

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  1. There's a difference for sure, look at them side by side!