Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back Legs and Cardio For the win!

As this month winds down I begin to breathe easier.

Why? Because the habits have been created, the motivation remains, and I still press forward!

My eating is immaculate (except for 1 dinner in a week where i enjoy something other than my normal diet. But do trust, I stick to similar principles when dining out, ask Meredith if you so choose, she was THERE)
My workouts burn more and more.
I Sweat more and more.

Now its time to start seeing some results! I honestly cant wait until Friday morning when I weigh in and measure myself. Although in all honesty, I dont think the scale will have reflected much of a difference (since I spent the first half of the month doing MASS building workouts... until I got properly EDUCATED)

But I think the tape will tell a different story. And at the end of the day, The mirror and tape are more important than the scale, for sure.

Its awesome to also see some of my friends, either inspired by me and my journey, or not; Join the gym and make commitments to change their lives in a more healthy way!

Shoutouts to Seth, Nicole and Brandon, and Stacey. Im glad you guys signed up at the Rush and I hope to see you in there sweating it out with me. All of you except Seth. Hope the new diet you're on and workout regime Im helping you with, get you physical growth and results that YOU want!

Anyways, yesterday was Back, and today was legs. Did pretty much the same things as last time. Except threw in a little "give 'em hell" on the cardio.

What was the most awesome, was Coach Matt was putting someone else through one of his workouts, and I just so happened to be on the Cybex machine next to them. I couldnt hear them, but during the excersing when I hit MAX SPEED and it started beeping, I could see his face in amusement, and he clapped. LMAO Talk about embarrassment! But the point was is that I was busting my ass on something he showed me, while he was showing someone else. They got to see what it looked like to take something you are taught, and owning it.

He had nothing but praise to give me afterwords. How he loved my attitude and dedication, and was taking in EVERYTHING I learned and using it. Feels good man.

Anyways, Tomorrow is my LAST workout day before Friday, Friday, when I gotta weigh in on Friday.

Wish me luck!
PS Feel free to refer others to this blog, I would love to MOTIVATE MORE PEOPLE!