Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Motivation And Leg Day!

Today I got this message, I am going to keep it anonymous for sure (Please dont be mad, but I HAD to talk about it!)

"Hey, God its been forever. How are you? I cant believe its been as long as it has. Ive been reading your blog and keeping up with the facebook status'. I think your doing a great thing and you've really inspired me to work on myself. Ive gained alot of weight with both kids and Im ready to loss it but not really sure where to start. Can you help?"

Miss Anonymous, I surely can! See, as one becomes motivated to do something new, something different, something crazy, the world opens up to a whole new slew of things. For example, recently quite a few people I know are asking me for help, advice, and all sorts of things. I cant say I hate it!

Anonymous, my first thing of advice for you is to read my last blog where I outline the 5 principles posted on the wall at the Rush:
1) Motivation
2) Education
3) Determination
4) Vissualization

These key principles have never meant more to me than recently, so I say start there. Ask yourself, "Am I motivated?" If so... why? Is it the fact that youve gained weight from having children? Is it because you want to be healthy? Is it because you want to fit in bikini size you havent been able to wear in years? It doesnt matter WHAT it is, as long as the motivation is there. It is the FIRST step and MOST important. Without it you will get no where.

What was mine? I have a few. I want to be smaller than I have been ever in my whole life. As you know, as well as everyone reading this, I have been big my ENTIRE life. I used to use excuses like: its genetics. BULL SHIT. The only reason I was as big as I was was because of ME! I did it to myself.

Remember this: It took (for me) 22 years to get myself to 370, its not gonna come off over night. Use that as a reminder to help you get through frustrating times, its helped me tremendously.

Other motivations: Health. Obviously. Being a smoker doesnt help, and I will quit that too. I have a daughter to live for. I want to be a grandad, and maybe a great grandad one day. I was blessed that ALL of my GREAT grandparents were alive most of my life, and when i was 2 I still had a GREAT GREAT grandma! My great grandma is STILL alive. in her 90s. Its in my family to live long, but I can never get there by being my old self. I had to change.,

ANother motivation is I want to be able to go to regular clothing stores and buy clothes. I dont want to go to specialty stores, Big And Tall sections, ect. The styles are sub par and selection is limited. I want to be able to dress HOWEVER I want. And shop WHEREever I want!

If you have these motviations, then you WILL succeed. You cant just do it because someone says you need to. Your doctor might say "you have higher risks for blah blah blah', but does that REALLY motivate you? 9/10 times the answer is NO.

I get told everyday I need to quit smoking. I will NEVER be able to quit unless I am MOTIVATED to do so. Unless I decide that I am going to do it. It is how I quit soda.

For you anonymous, I say start there. I quit soda, and sugary stuff and started drinking 64+ ounces of water a day, and saw 30 lbs drop without working out. I say that is the best way to begin, start in small steps. For me, I put down soda's one day and never picked them back up. No weining, no slowly coming off. I just said NO.

I hope this somehow motivates you to begin your journey. I say take pictures, make a blog, Ill follow you! Putting it out into the world is a HUGE motivator. Every day when I am at the gym I say to myself "if I dont give it my all, if I dont succeed, then I let down EVERY friend of mine on facebook, because they ALL know what I am doing"

And I push harder.

As far as normal readers: Today was leg day
Squats: 80 lbs 50 reps then 70 lbs 30 reps x 2. By the end i was exhausted
Leg curls: 30 lbs 2 sets of 50 After this my legs were jello
Hip ad/abductions 3 sets each of 20lbs 50 reps
Calf lifts 3 sets of 50 at 50lbs.

Then I got on the elliptical and did the excersise Coach Matt maid me do on Rush hour. And in 15 minutes I was sweaty and coughing and exhausted. In 15 minutes I had worked harder than 1 hour on the treadmill at high incline.

I do 1 minutes 60 -80 watts on resistance 20, then go 1 minutes 190+ watts at resistance 40.

Have a good one everyone!

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