Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shoulders and Cardio!

Shoulder day is my hardest, and thus I do the lower weights, Some might say "well thats stupid" but trust me, if you are battling a constant battle of "is my shoulder going to dislocate again!?!?" like me, then you'll do it this way until you can really feel it strengthing up.

Anyways I started with
Seated Bench: 10lbs 3 sets of 50
Then lateral raises: 5 lbs 2 sets 50
I dont know what this next one is called. But you Hold the weights straight out in front of you by just bending your elbow, arms straight down, bend elbow until arms are at 90 degrees, then twist them outwards. Its something I learned in Rehab back when I first injured it. I did this 5lbs 2 sets of 50.
Then I got on the cables
over head wing span pull backs: 3lbs 3 sets of 30. I couldnt get past 30, my shoulder was BURNING and subluxing slightly.
Wing span raises: 3lbs 3 sets of 30. Same thing started happening.
Then I did Shrugs: 2 sets of 50, holding for 10 seconds after every 10 reps. 70lbs first time, 110 lbs second time.

Then I got on the Cybernex machine or w/e its called and did 20 minutes of Coach Matt's intervals. Michael Jackson's Black or White came on for my last minute of high speed high resistance, and I busted out max speed on that bad boy. hahaha It was awesome.

To those of you who are planning on joining the Rush, hit me up first. I want to make sure you talk to the best there. Nate will sign you up, and hook you up with the "Freeze's Friend Special" then I want you to meet Coach Matt. An ex gymnist, who graduated from Ohio State, and was going for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, when he broke his kneck during some fun practice time. He was unable to walk for 6 months, and ended up swelling up to around 270 lbs. Hes about 5'6. So you can imagine how BIG he was. When I am at his weight then, I will have lost 100 lbs. CRAZY!

Anyways, this guy is known as the King of Cardio, and the title belongs to no one else but him. I am guaranteeing to myself when I measure myself on the 1st that I will have lost some inches for sure. And maybe some lbs. Either way, now that he has shown me how to do TRUE cardio, I expect the weight to start falling off rapidly.

This is the guy you want for YOU. He pushes, pushes, pushes, and he does it in a way that really does make you push. He doesnt just say "there ya go, you can do another one buddy!" at least, not to me he didnt. Somehow, with only having talked to me about 30 minutes total, knew that I needed to be screamed at. Yelled at. Told I couldnt do it. Or at least, told that he didnt THINK I could do it. Like i said on my post for Sunday, I looked him square and said DONT tell me what i CANT do.

I hope that everyone of you can have the same mentality. DONT TELL ME WHAT I CANT DO.

Because when you go to DO IT. And you succeed. They will ALL have to eat their words! And thats a GOOD thing!

Yours in this Journey,


  1. I'm tired just reading that, Bro.

    I cycle over 2 hours a day to get to work and back but thats just to keep my heart healthy. The idea of body building just never really appealed to me... :/

  2. I dont think hes really body building, i think hes doing all of this just to lose weight, then possibly bodybuilding afterwords.

    Either way, you inspire me!

  3. You're working out hard core! Keep it up man.

  4. Good for you bro
    keep it going