Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Shoulder Day. Happy ST pattys

The new diet is going really well. I set alarms on my phone so that I would not forget when to eat. I was surprised that I was able to get to each meal without getting tooooo hungry. Then again, when you drink as much water as I do, its probably easier :p

Got the new Protein shake mix today too. Its called Nectar, and its 0 sugar 0 fat 26g protein shake, decently tasting for sure. White powder, but to my surprise, turned blue when I mixed it with the water. Like the old color changing Kool Aid from back in the day!

Sitting straight up bench: 10 lbs for 50 reps x3
Front arm raise/twists: 5 lbs for 30 reps x3
Fly raises: 5 lbs for 30 reps x 1
On Cables Pull backs: 3lbs for 50reps 3x
On Cables Pull up wing span: 3lbs got 30 reps x3
Then I did 30 min on the treadmill, usual stuff interval 2.4 at 7 incline, 3.0mph at 2.0 incline.

I know your probably thinking "wow, those weights are REALLY low".. and you're right. I have a dislocating shoulder (left) that I am trying to make sure I rehab correctly, and trust me, even doing 3 lbs on the cables breaks me into sweat and i have to fight for the last 10 or more. And it of course KILLS my left shoulder. Very painful, but I know that with repitition and hard work, it will eventually be strong enough to do more things. I havent dislocated it since 2006 (though ive done it about 10 times in all) and never rehabbed after the last one.

So yes, shoulder day will seem like a much lower workout, but in actuallity, its the hardest for me.

Anyways... Got to hop in the shower and get moving.

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