Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Well, Obviously my goal orignally was to lose 100 pounds in 2010. Unfortunately I didnt get to start until August 1, 2010.

So the 365 day goal is still in affect, but its from August 1, 2010 until July 31st, 2011. This pictures to the left are "before" shots taken right after I got on the scale on August 1, 2010.

On August 1, 2010 I weighed a wopping 370lbs! I couldnt believe the size I had grown to until that day when I stepped on the scale for the first time.... I was literally the biggest I had ever been. The most unhealthy, ect. The wierdest part about the entire thing was I kept hearing "You dont look like you weigh that much" and blah blah blah. People can be really nice sometimes, and for that, I thank you. But the truth is, at 22 years old, I realized I was on the fast track to death.

I tried to justify the entire thing by saying "Well, all of my family is big, so its natural for me" When the truth was, it wasnt. Its never natural for a person to be THAT obese. (We are talking a BMI of 50+) Not only that, But I am also a smoker. (I plan to quit, I will outline this in the next post) Which made me EVEN more likely to get some sort of heart disease, or some other life-ending complication. This was also a month after my daughter's 1 year birthdate. I decided it was time to REALLY change. Or at least, I thought so.

The next day, I quit soda completely. I started drinking water, eating a little better, occassionally some fast food. Playing basketball at the gym almost everyday was all the cardio I got... And by October 1st, I was down to between 320-330. 40-50 pounds lost. I was extatic!

However, I allowed myself to be blown off course by stupid excuses. Too busy at work, too much money, ect ect. Either way, I found myself eating fast food again, every night. No time in the gym. However, I never picked back up sodas. And for that, im glad. I went the whole winter without doing an ounce of cardio, without eating right. I got on the scale again Feb 27th, 2011. Scared to death of what I would see.... and I saw 330lbs.

I couldnt believe it. Through eating fast food, and being unhealthy for a few months, I had managed to somehow not gain any weight back. Leaving my Gross loss at 40lbs.

But then I got to thinking, and realized that I wasnt giving up. I was going to REALLY do it this time.

Now I know what your thinking, and yes, for the 23 years of my life, probably twice a year, I would say the same thing. Im REALLY going to change. Im REALLY going to finally do it. And year after year, I failed.

But this time is real. Im telling you in this blog. Im updating my 4square with check ins, im keeping people in the loop, to keep me accountable. Im going to be posting pictures the 1st of every month along with measurements. Im going for the GOLD. And I am succeeding and will succeed.

Thank you for reading, and subscribing to this blog. I hope that each and everyone of you as my friends, family, or someone I dont know, takes the time to read this. To keep up with me. To keep me accountable. The more people that are following this Journey that I am on, the more people who know, the more likely I will succeed!

And this will conclude my intro, intro post. I will be posting my March 1st stats and my new diet that i am starting TOMORROW, because the diet ive been on just isnt working.

Thanks a ton

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