Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend.. followed by Hell Week!

Ok, so this past weekend was iffy, and Im really beating myself up about it as a whole.

Friday, I ended up working pretty late and didnt even get into the gym :/ Im allowed a rest day, so I just took it then.

Saturday I did get in for a 30-45 minute long Arm routine. Did my 4 different excersises for bicepts, and 4 more for tri's, But did minimal cardio.

Sunday I got in around 7 and did something a little different. As you have read, last sunday was Rush Hour, and it kicked my ass.

So I did my own 30 minute version today. Started with 6 minutes on the Cybex machine, then layed down with a 10 lb ball and did some ab work. Then stacked 4 high one of those stepping things and did some different work with that. Went down to the weight area and did some weighted crunches, left side, right side, and mid. Then went back up and did some more on the Step thing. Grabbed the half/ball balance things, did some squats on those, and ended with 7 more minutes on the Cybex machine. All in all it wasnt horrrrrible. But I could have done more.

Why did I title this partially "Hell Week".

Well April 1st is Friday, thats the day im weighing in and measuring. So this week leading up to it im going to be pushing myself harder, and farther, than before.

Im going to begin my workouts with 6-10 minutes on the cybex machine, THEN do my weights, then finish it off BACK on the cybex machine for 6-10 more minutes.

The good thing I noticed yesterday is my heart rate really never went back to rest after I got off of the Cybex machine and started doing other excersises, so Im hoping by "warming up" via my heavy cardio, that I can get more burn out of my weight routine, and hopefully, burn more FAT.

I guess we'll see on the 1st, when I measure in and see just what this past month has done for me.

Until next time


  1. if you need any tips from me i can help you, i'm a D1 swimmer in college. good stuff though, best of luck to you!