Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Doing At Home workout videos is Stupid.

Alot of people ask this question, and I tend to agree.

We've all seen it, wether as an infomercial or through some other get results fast search on google. P90x, Brazilian Buns (i tried this, didnt like it enough. I felt like Beyonce after 6 weeks.... ok im kidding) and other "work from home without the high cost gym memberships" blah blah blah bullshit.

For example: p90x costs 139.99 for 90 days (3 months) That doesnt factor in, that for that workout DVD set you need to buy resistance bands or dumbells (resistance bands, the crappy ones, are 14.99 at walmart) and you need a pull up bar (one that can support 90% of the people who have seen the infomercial is gonna run close to 100) And they suggest a workout/yoga mat. Another 20 right there. Besides that, you have extra cost of electricity, and your house will smell like sweat. Add it up, thats 255 dollars JUST to get started. That doesnt include suppliments, a right diet, ect.

And lets be honest, is Tony Horton really going to Motivate you from a tv screen? You can rest any time you want, thus not getting the full workout it.

Honestly, lets just discuss the meaning of Insanity. One of my favorite questions to hear from my dear friend Mooch when we are discussing some things. What is the definition of Insanity? Well its doing the same thing over, and over again, expecting different results!

Let me ask you this, are you going to a gym everyday right now? I bet 90% of you say no. Ok. got it.

Now how many of you, when done with work, spend the rest of your time at home doing something OTHER than working out? Id say 75% of you say yes to this. Those that dont are musicians or Neighborhood Joggers.

Ok. So let me ask you this, how easy would it be to buy all this crap, dvds, ect, to workout at home, and then just set them in a closet until they collect dust and you craigslist it for 50 bucks? Exactly, extremely easy. Why?

Well you are still at home! You are remaining within your comfort zone. Its easy to continue browsing the internet or watching shows, its conveinent. You are already there, watching shows. You 9/10 times will go, oh, I have the dvds for p90x, i can do them anytime.

But you never do!

Part of the trick of becoming healthier, becoming better, and seeing results is to get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Therefore, you have less excuses. How easy it to be at the gym, working out, and just stop to watch some tv for 30 minutes because General Hospital is on? Not very easy, honestly. They dont play that show, at least, I havent seen it when ive been there.

The point Im making, is Convienece is what makes humans unhealthy and gross. Is it easier to cook a meal, or go to a drive thru? Obviously the less healthy, MORE CONVIENT thing to do is go grab some Burger King. And thats a horrible decision.

Lets be honest, The Rush is like 35 dollars a month, max. For a single user. The diet I am currently on (and yes I realize its not for everyone) costs me 40 bucks a week. or 160 bucks a month. On my health I spend 195. Most of you, in a week, will spend close to that on soda and fast food, without ANY excersize. Dont believe me? Pull up your bank statement from last month and go through the eating out and fast food transactions and add it up. I bet it trumps, for the month, my number by 3 times. (There will be a FEW exceptions to this, but again, thats FEW)

So is going to the gym worth it? ONLY if you are serious. If you plan on continuing the same habits of eating, then yes, the extra 35 dollars would seem uneccessary. Then again, going to the gym while still eating like a pig would be pointless AND insane! (Doing the same thing in order to get different results)

Mooch said to me one time, and continues to say it, and I continue to pass it on because it means so much, he said "Remember this Freeze, Doing what you have always done will get you what you have always gotten"

And its true. Do you want to lose weight and get healthy? Do you really want to change your lifestyle. Well doing what you always do will heed NO RESULTS. And thats why so many people complain about workout videos, and at home ab machines and treadmills in their garage, all of which get little to NO use. You might feel better about yourself making the purchase, but in the end it is an expense that just makes no sense. You're NOT going to get results on it, because you continue to hold the same habits in other aspects of your life.

If right now you enjoy playing video games more than 2 hours a night, eat fast food at least 3 times a week, and watch at least an hour of TV a night, then you are doing it WRONG. And it doesnt matter how many ab crunches you do while dancing to Richard Simmons. You will not see ANY results. Period. This is scientifically proven. Its FACT.

So, if you are serious about doing something different. About really making a change, I implore you to sign up at a gym. Free advice and counseling is part of what you pay for (at least at the Rush I am at) and thus, you get way more for your money.

Im not saying come sign up where I work out (although if you are close to the Rush near me, ill be glad to put you in contact with someone who will take care of you, as a friend of mine), but Im saying go out and DO IT.

Only YOU can make the change, not Tim Horton. Not Richard Simmons. Not Shaun T. YOU.

So if you are ready to make the decision, or thinking about it. STOP

STOP thinking, and do. Make decisions, and do them. Great words of advice from my friend Mooch again. See, that guy does care!

Any questions, feel free to ask.
Your neighborhood friend
The Motivation
Just kidding im not on Jersey Shore, so
The Freeze.


  1. True story, gym is better than home exercises no matter how good you think you're doing them.

  2. I agree with you, I just dont feel motivated with those stupid work out videos, The gym has the proper environment for me to get pumped! :)