Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'll start on Monday...

Yea ok, sure you will. The most notorious line in the world of "getting healthy". Someone feels the little jittery feeling of "wow... i can do this.. im motivated. I cant wait to start on Monday." And then monday comes around, then weds, then its 3 months later and you wonder why you are more unhealthy. I myself did this for years. 23 of them in fact. Of always gettin pumped and excited about quitting soda, or eating better, or going to the gym, or what have you. ALWAYS id say "sweet, ill start on monday." And i never did, until this time. And what did it take? To stop being a wuss, for lack of better words. To make a descision. To decide and say yes. To not accept failure, and to do. And as cliche as it sounds... thats the absolute truth. Be motivated, by anything. But be motivated by yourself first. No one is going to change you but you. No one is going to make you better, but you. As our saying goes... To be better, you have to get better, to get better, you have to want to! Until Next time -Freeze

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