Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Post. Key word: Discipline.

Just because I havent blogged doesnt mean I havent been working hard!

A few things this week have thrown me off the blogging course, but not the diet and gym course, so Im all good :)

New Hire along with childish, immature rumor starters had my week a little off, but we're back now and for the record, doing wonderful!

I would like to start by saying the one thing that has probably been the staple in this whol process so far is the Discipline.

My step mother commented on it at dinner the other night. For those of you who dont know, my father, step mom and brother live in the Phillipines. They came into town this past week, and having not seen them in a couple years, I went out to eat dinner with them twice this week. Thats the ONLY cheating I did. and trust me, I felt like poo the day after.

Either way, we were talking, and they were asking me what ive been doing, ect (since they dont read my blog... lame) And I started explaining everything. How I have alarms set on my phone for every meal, ect. And she said "wow.. you are really disciplined."

And I started thinking about what made THIS time different from everyother "attempt" to lose weight before, in my life, was.

And the difference was Discipline. I never before had enough of it to eat properly, at right times, ect. Never had enough of it to be in the gym everyday. Never, ever, was I disciplined ENOUGH.

So, my thoughts on this are, the real secret to success in ANYTHING you want to do (such as quitting smoking, which I am going to do THIS month); then all it takes is a little discipline.

Or alot, in some cases. But the point remains the same.

Today im hitting the gym hard doing arms AND core, and cardio. Going to to bust my ass in punishment for dinner friday night with the family, create a nice Afterburn affect and get it done.

Until next time


  1. Way to go bro, but I need to tell you that you can allow yourself to have 1 cheat day throughout the week. The cheat day you can eat fast food or candy and cake and and and...mmmm i need to stop, I'm making myself hungry. Anyways, you need to allow yourself to have a cheat day, as a reward for sticking to your diet. I am really following this for your progress mr. freeze. and i will continue to give ya advice wether you want it or not,

  2. Another great post! keep up the good blogging!