Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Snap! The level has been raised!

With the next weigh in coming on Sunday, and me nervous about it, I had to step my game up.

Honestly, like I said in a previous post, I let myself slip more diet wise this month. But im back on top of the game and ready to get more results. Yesterday and Today I pushed myself harder than I have to date, and I know its going to pay off!

The tape measure, mirror, and scale doesnt lie. Even if one isnt as great as the others, a loss is a loss; so here's to a great weigh in and measure this sunday!

Anyways, this past week ive raised weight on everything towards bigger and better reps.
CHest day raised Incline and regular bench to 30lbs Got more that 30 reps each, but dont remember exact number. Cables went up to 15 on high to low, 10 on mid, 5 on low.
Back day, raised lat pull downs to 70lbs, both inner and outer. Also raised seated rows to 70lbs. And went for 45's on the power strength row machine (45 on each side, i was doing like 25)
Today Leg day: After doing about 300 reps in abs, I hit the leg press for 180 50 times, leg curls were at 40 for 50 reps, calves were at 70 lbs, then I hit the Cybex... intense as hell. 35 min of doing mostly 1 min rest/1 min hard on a 20/40 scale. Raised my hard set to 50 a couple times. But It was intense, i sweated through 2 shirts (like, the whole shirts wet) and got light headed and felt like I was going to puke..

What does that mean? That means my level has been raised, and Im working harder. And I will see better results.
I also have 2 full packs of cigerettes left, after they are gone, im quitting. I will need ALL of the support I can get!

Anyways Until next time

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  1. great man, you inspire me to work on myself as well