Saturday, April 23, 2011

A photo comparison of Holiday Value

This was me Christmas of LAST year (not this past, but the one before.) This is a guy wearing a 54 waist in pants, 4x shirt/sweater, and a neck so big that I had to drive to Burlington Coat Factory to get shirts that I could button up. This guy thought he was happy, but knew he was unhealthy. This guy decided that one day, soon, he would start on a journey to get rid of it all.

That Journey has just begun.

This month hasnt been the best, trust me. Ive definitely struggled, but not soooo much with the excersiing (i havenet missed but maybe 2-3 days all month) but more with the diet. And it is partially to blame on getting to a point earlier in the month where I didnt have the finances to afford to go get groceries, that joined with other things caused me to slip on my diet. Not into full fledged grubbing, but into alternative, not as healthy, means. Needless to say Ive got a week to burn some heavy calories for my May 1st weigh in, but as of 2 days ago I was weighing in at 308. A loss is a loss, and I cant be too upset with that. With the lack of dieting discipline, I was still able to lose 3 lbs and not gain anything, and that in itself is something to be happy about. I have a week.

I want to be UNDER 300 on May 1st. So that I can say I really am lighter than I was in highschool. 1 week. 8 lbs at about 3500 calories per pound. Thats 28000 calories I have to burn. its going to take alot of hard work, motivation, and determination. Tomorrow morning im waking up, hitting walmart, and getting the groceries I need for my plan. And starting tomorrow I am going back onto it full force. Im hoping that since ive strayed the past 2 weeks, that my system will be re-shocked into whats going on, and see the results I want!

Anyways, yesterday my co-worker, workout buddy, and slowly becomming one of my best friends, David, and I decided to go and get Easter picture with the bunny. We have to get them retaken today since the digital disk they gave me was blank... but This is me at 308 lbs, 62 less than the christmas photo above... This is me, a guy who went and bought new pants yesterday for the first time in 2 years, and had to get a size 44 because the 46's were to big. Thats right, 10 pants sizes.

44? I havent worn 44s since High school. My football pants senior year were 52's.... so Im excited to say the least...

I dont know if you can see the difference, I have trouble myself.

But The point is, I am motivated, determined, and I will finish.

The goal has been set, and imagery is in place, the Support is surrounding me.

This isnt over till the fat lady, i mean, freeze, is singing.

And there will never be a Fat Freeze again.

Thats right.... Its NEVER over.

Love life, and until next time



  1. I am SO proud of you! Omg you can DEFF tell you have lost some serious poundage! Your a true inspiration to others, like me, who want to be healthy and live a better life.

  2. It's never over! I like that, Chris. :)

    Keep on keeping on, buddy.

  3. keep it up!
    ive also lost about 60-70 pounds since....... however long its been, haha

  4. You can definitely see the difference. I'm proud of you! Keep the good work up. Now if I could just get motivated enough to start exercising again!