Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Update!

Sorry I didnt update on the 1st or since then, been terribly busy with everything.

So I got on the scale on the 1st and was at 304.4lbs. I only lost 7 lbs last month, But then again, I had 2 weeks of "cheating" in a sense, to where I wasnt very strict :(

This month changes the game again! Im going to begin weighing in on the 1st and 16th of every month from here on out, and measuring on the first.

By the way, my belly button waist measurement was down to 51. So def still seeing some loss physically as well!

Started "circut training" this week, and its a doozy. I do all the same excersises from before, just break it up into 2 groups of 3.

Then I do each one, 20 reps, no break. Then repeat that 3 times, no break.

For example Chest Day My first 3some was Incline Bench, Regular Bench, Decline Bench.

So I did them in that order, with 20lbs dumbells. 20 Reps inclined, switch right to regular, 20 reps, then switched to decline immidiately for 20 reps. Then repeated without a rest. 3 times. 180 reps in the matter of minutes. Then did the same thing with Cables (upper, mid, lower).

So the total workout only lasts 20 minutes. Then you go straight to cardio.

The reason I do this circut training is to build strength and stamina simultaneously. Im aerobic during my weight workout too, which increases my metabolic rate, thus leading to MORE fat loss, while building strength.

And so Shall see how this goes!

34lbs to go until Im at 100 pounds lost in a year. Ive got May, June, July to do it!

Lets get it done!


  1. you can do this :) 100 pounds is a lot of weight, good job

  2. I need your weight, dude!!