Monday, May 23, 2011

Whats New?

Well training subject "M" has been going really well! Shes sticking to her diet, quit soda, and working out every day! She will slowly start to realize these results, and will surely be happy she stuck with it.

On a side not I went out to the club with the guys Thursday for the first time in some time.. And I have to say it was awesome. People who have known me or know me were coming up making comments ALLL night. It was nice to get that attention for sure!
Here is me at the club the other night. I see this picture and cant believe how big i USED TO BE!!!

Its amazing, and I hope you as a reader are inspired to go forth on your own weight loss journey!

Workout wise, Circut training has been going really well. I just get frustrated when SOOOO many people are in the gym, and they keep jumping onto machines without first checking to see if someone is using them. For example I do 3 different excersises per Circut set... and its happened alot where someone will take one of the machines im using while im in the middle of it. Which wouldnt be a problem, except that with Circut training, you arent supposed to stop... at all.

Anywhoo.. I have to bust my ass hard for the next 7-8 days before weigh in and measure on the 1st. On top of that June 4th, My bestie and I are going to a Boat party on a lake for our friends birthday, so Ima need to get down another 10 lbs or so. Although, with the happy highway ive got going on, i think ill be comfortable without a shirt as it is. Maybe get a small tan going first lol.

Anyways until next time


  1. Yeah, I could do with trimming up a bit. Will keep an eye on your blog, Freeze!

  2. Great job man, I too have started working out :)

  3. for workout tips, you should go to my blog. srsly man im expert about nutrition etc

  4. keep it up man! losing weight it hard, im looking forward to future posts

  5. Congrats man. I wish I had the dedication to keep with a work out routine. It's hard to get going and stay going with it.

  6. @hoaks I actually have been getting out in the pool recently. thanks though!

    And to everyone else, thanks! Ima keep pushing until I go BEYOND 100 lbs do trust!