Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can You Say 1XL? I Know I can!

For the first time since Sophomore Year of highschool, I am wearing a 1x. I cant say that Im sad about it :) Mandy, the girl ive been training is doing well as well, and this friday we are FINALLY going grocery shopping so she can get super strict and do my diet plan completely. Its been awesome seeing her order water instead of soda, or coffee with sweet n low/splenda versus sugar. Or unsweet tea vs sweet tea. Its funny, on one of her profiles, under 6 things she couldnt live without, one of them is definitely 'Sweet Tea".

And here she is, living without it! Its amazing to see what we can live without, when we take a step to get rid of it!

Ive been thinking alot lately, about wether I will ever drink sodas again at all. Like, will I even like them? Obviously they were a huge portion of my weight gain through the years, and I will never want to be big again once Im smaller. But will I ever be able to drink them again? Or Will i want to?

Either way it doesnt really matter, Only got 2-3 weeks left of Circut Training before we switch it up again, Not to sure what we are switching to yet, but im sure it will be uber challenging.

On a side note, yesterday, for the firsty time, I did 60 min straight cardio. This was after Ripping my abs and slaying my chest. I felt good, to say the least.

Whats even cooler is I have always been a very confident person, very self aware, and very outgoing. But it seems that my confidence level is rising even more, or maybe its just becomming more natural confidence, versus forced confidence. Either way, people are taking notice.

Today for example, two girls whom i havent seen in a while walked right past me. I turned and yelled at them, and they turned back and went OMG Freeze.. you look like a different person, ect. I wouldnt go THAT far yet, in saying i look like a different person, but different none the less.

Anyways, continuing to push and push and keep going. 270 is right around the corner, and the lower 200s are around the bend after. So lets keep pushing!

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  1. yeah man check out my blog for dieting tips!

  2. your blog is so inspirational! keep it up man.

  3. Hey Freeze,

    When are you gonna do your measurements again?

    I'm just curious because you previously posted that you want your arms to get bigger, but that seems VERY hard when the rest of you is getting smaller.

  4. iim wanting my arms to get bigget for sure... but im ok with waiting until after I lose the weight.. Ill tell ya what, when I get home from the gym tomorrow I will measure!

  5. Hi, new follower here. That's got to be a great feeling, a size not worn since high school. Congrats! Similar journey here...

  6. That's awesome man! I love seeing people actually keep to their goals and keep it.

  7. Checking out your blog...so inspired to see someone achieve like this. Proud of you sir!