Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st. Weigh in check. Measure, not yet. GOALS!!

Ok so I weighed in at 291.4 this morning. I wanted to be at 290, but then again i had clothes on and had eaten last night pretty late, so i like to think i am in the 290 and some ounces range.

Either way, on May 1st i was 304, now right at 291, so thats 13lbs lost in May, and I wasnt as strict on my diet due to some financial stuff and moving and what nots. But Everything should be back on track diet wise after I hit the grocery store today.

Also been working on that tan, so im pretty excited about that as well. The girl im training is making remarkable progress too! Shes really motivated, and that motivates me more. Now im going for 45 or more minutes in cardio, after abs and after weights. So im pushing harder for sure, and so is she!

Anyways, I think I can reasonably set a goal at 270 for the end of this month, which would mean 21lbs, and a total loss of 100!!! If I can do it by the end of this month I will have done it in 11 months instead of a year! Pretty stoaked to say the least.

At 270 ill be 100 lbs lighter than when i started, so I will be getting my new tattoo as a reward, as well as pushing even further. I plan on losing another 50 or so after that, down to 220 or so. Then I will begin phasing bulk/cutting and get a amature body build going!


Until next time,


PS( I'll measure later and post results!)


  1. Awesome progress. I just started myself on P90X plus dieting. Good luck.

  2. 3+ lbs per week is great at 70 lbs in!

    It must be great to have someone to train-- if someone is relying on you, you're definitely not going to let them down by skipping workouts or letting up on the intensity.

  3. Way to go Christopher! Proud as I can be of you. Would love to see you in person. Come by. I would come to see you, but since I can't travel well, it is on you (LOL). Do come by.

  4. Hey, that's not bad for not sticking too it too hard. They are like free pounds!