Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Havent You Updated???

Well, thank you for asking kind followers! I have NOT fallen off of the bandwagon.

However; I have been sick for a few days and was unable to hit the gym. Yesterday I went back to the gym and had trouble doing my post workout cardio, congestion and stuff doesnt help.

Euther way Im back on full force starting today. Going grocery shopping this evening or tomorrow and cooking the meals up with Mandy (the girl whom I am training)

Im not going to lie, out of the 15 days in June so far, I missed 5 of them in the gym, and was strict on my diet 0 of them. (Although I didnt splurge and eat a bunch of trash), so when I got on the scale yesterday I was scared for my life.

And it was 289.3

So While I havent lost alot, I have gained none, and still come down in the 2 weeks since last weigh in. Im not satisfied with these results, and even madder at myself. Being sick was sooo horrible, and I hate that it happened when it did.

2 weeks left in this month. Can I get down to 270? Doubtful, but Im going to try my hardest. I think I will be satisfied if I can get to 280, that will leave 10lbs to lose in July to fulfill my 12 month goal of 100 pounds.

And to those who have asked: Im saving my measuring for the 1st of July. I keep putting it off, but I will for sure get it done then.

Thanks for following, I will go through comments and comment back on blogs and what not soon!

***Edit*** Also I forgot to add that I moved during this time too at the end of last month beggining of this: So thats also been puting a hamper on me ****



  1. What has been the most difficult part of your journey over the past 10 months or so? Did you have one of those Oprah 'aha' moments where you decided that's it, today is the day? Great job for you by the way, you can do it. I love your keys for success. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For me, it really started being real when I chose water over soda one day. I just made the decision, and after that I stopped soda all together. As far as dieting and gym were concerned, it wasnt so much of an "aha" moment, moreso a "hey buddy, your on the fast track to death" moment. And I decided that after spending 23 years of my life trying to decide if I was ever going to get serious about my health, that now was the best time. A recent bachelor, it just made sense, not only to my health, but to the world of dating as well. So I dug in, made the decision, and just did it. No magic, no secrets, just hard work and dedication. I use the word dedication alot because it is so important in the process, along with discipline. You too, can reach your goals and dreams that you have outlined on your page, all you have to do is get dedicated and make the decision, its all easier with each passing day that you stay committed!

  3. Well, that's not really too bad. I recently did the same thing: stopped paying attention to my diet for like 25 days and ignoring the gym. But, surprisingly, I lost about a pound. I was so scared getting on that scale. And I agree, it's all about dedication. If you have the will to lose weight, you can. It's not that hard, you just have to stick to it. I have never ever heard of a person who eats right and hits the 5 times a week and is still fat. That's because it doesn't happen.

  4. Hey Freeze,

    Did you make it to 280 by July 1?

    We're rooting for you.

  5. sounds like you had a busy last few days! +followed.