Saturday, August 27, 2011

Been a WHILE! But its all good

As some of my previous blogs discussed, I had been having alot of stuff going on that was keeping me from staying extra focused. Was unable to buy groceries and some other stuff. But finally I took a deep breath and decided to press back on.

a week ago i got on the scale to see 298.. I had gained 8lbs back in the course of 2 months. I was content that it wasnt a hella lot more than that, but I was still dissatisfied.

So I pushed my self and got back into the gym, and a week later, im back to 290. So i was able to lose all that I had gained, and now its time to press forward.

I didnt hit my 270 by august goal, but realistically I didnt start until Feb/March of this year, so for what I did since then, im pleased.

The goal is 40 more by the end of the year. im at 290, so my hopes are to be at 250 by then end of 2011!

Lets push forward, and continue on the path to a new, better me! And you yourself, readers, who are making changes in their lives. Its ok to fall off the horse, as long as you jump the hell back on and keep pushing!



  1. I wish i knew the specifics of lbs and what they mean in relation to kilograms like we use.. but hey, i can still tell you're making an improvement. keep it up bro, i'll be happy to see how you further progress. Glad to hear you like my music taste! +followed.

  2. "Lets push forward, and continue on the path to a new, better me! And you yourself"

    I'm ready to rededicate too. I also stalled, but didn't balloon up again.

  3. @Rufus its ok to stall and fall off the horse every now and then man. Its the getting back up that makes us better people!