Friday, December 30, 2011

Re-Motivation: Found

Ive been slack. I admit it.

The past few months have been troublesome diet wise. I can make excuses like what happened with the job, or countless other things. But the truth is, I gave up. It was all me. When I was saying the stress was keeping me out of the gym, I was forgetting that the gym is a reliever of said stress. Ive allowed myself to get into a horrible sleeping schedule again (going to bed at 4am or so and waking up between noon and 1) and ive been just plain lazy. For like the past 5-6 months. And im disgusted by it.

Whats the damage? Well aside from being able to eat only Ramen and cheap fast food (having been on an EXTREMELY low budget) I have at least kept to my no soda or sugars rules. I drink hella water and coffee and unsweet tea w/ Splenda. And having not gone to the gym in like 4-5 months, has been horrible.

I expected to get on the scale and weight like 350 again. I feel like it. But i dont. 321 actually. Which is about 30lbs that ive gained in these months of higher sodium and fat, and no working out.

It could be worse right? WRONG. thats another excuse. Any weight gain is bad.

Can it be fixed? Of course it can! And quickly. Being that it was a lot of sodium in my diet, I beliebe i can shed most, if not all, of it in a months time with strict diet and water again. I think alot of it is water retention. And i can fix this and get back on track.

Ive been telling myself for 2-3 weeks now, that it is time to get back to it, finish the race I started, with all of you as witness. Losing 80lbs in those 6-7 months was no joke. I did it. But what do I have to show for it now? Now where I sit im only 50lbs lighter then when I started. Granted, im still smaller than I was at the beginning, but im bigger then I was earlier this year. And thats unnacceptable.

1) Motivation
2) Education
3) Determination
4) Vissualization

I cannot forget these things.

Anyways, I have new motivation that I believe will help me, and thats helping someone else! I have been talking to someone today, code named JB, who wants to lose 20 pounds and get kinda ripped. And I told her I can help her with that, and I can. Im educated in it, I know what needs to be done, now I just have to DO IT.

I believe helping her will get me back where I was and then some. I told her we can get most of the 20lbs she wants off, in 1 month, and then within another month have her abs showing and defined. And we can. How much can I lose in that amount of time?

Id say 30-40lbs. I think i can be back at 290 or lower in the 2 months it will take for her abs to show.

So lets do it. By March 1st, I will be at 290 or below. And thats that.


Now its time to wake up tomorrow and start over.
I think this schedule will work best for me with the new job
9am Wake up/ breakfast essential (meal 1)
930-10am take preworkout
10-1030 go to gym
1130-12( or when im done) leave gym, protein shake (meal 2)
2PM meal 3
4pm meal 4
6pm meal 5
8pm meal 6
peanut butter before bed by midnight-1am

This way i can still do my outlined diet, ill just have to take meals 4,5,6 with me to work.
meal 1 breakfast essentials
meal 2 protein shake
meal 3 half wrap
meal 4 chiken lunch
meal 5 half wrap
meal 6 beef dinner

Sounds like a winner! Lets get this done!

And JB: Im rooting for you! :-)

Yours in the Journey

PS I will be establishing my 5 dollars per pound savings account as well. If i didnt outline this before: Basically every pound i put 5 bucks in an account so I have money for a new wardrobe when im done. Im down 50 so i need to get 250 into that account to start it (might take alittle while) then 5 more per pound after that. If i get to my goal weight of 200-220 that will be 750-850 for new clothes :)


  1. Freeze,

    Glad you’re back and hope you stay back!

    You got me thinking, what if we put the creativity we usually put into making excuses for not doing what we know we should and instead put that much effort into making excuses to do what we know is right?

    Had a rough day at work? Well, then you better go to the gym and distress.

    Had a vigorous workout yesterday? Well all the more reason you’d better eat right today; after all, your body needs quality foods to recover.

    Didn’t sleep well last night? Better eat right and exercise today so you can set your clock right.

  2. Exactly what i was thinking Rufus. It is sooo easy to make excuses, but sooo much easier to make decisions. Honestly, its all about thinking just a little bit differently.