Thursday, February 23, 2012


The art of what happened to me.

When you hear " man, you look great" and "wow, youve lost weight" everyday, it doesnt just boost your confidence, it makes you complacent.

Ive decided that that is what caused me to fall off in the first place. Being complacent made me lazy, and therefore, uninterested in working out.

The past two days back in the gym have made me feel sooo much better about myself. I know I can do it, DUH, i lost 80 lbs last year.

And that's, as they say, WHATS UP.

Tilapia instead of chicken this time around, lets see how much of a difference that makes, other than that, diet is about the same ( minus the wrap portion of the wraps, just gonna eat some turkey and cheese for meals 2 and 4).

I am ashamed. But I have to admit what I fattened back up to, since it is the only thing that will keep me focused, knowing that you all know how bad I am.

Yesterday I weighed 337. :/ Ballooned back up to an inexcusable amount. And I'm tired of it.

2 days back in the gym. And the habit is being recreated. And I love it.

Lets get it done this year!



  1. No, I do disagree with the first part. For me when I hear that, if it's overdone, it makes me thinks it's make. Which makes me angry. Then I work out like twice as hard!

  2. Piggie: I can TOTALLY understand what you mean by that, alot of compliments can come off as fake or forced. Ive spent a whole lot of my life rejecting compliments due to not really knowing how to take them.

    But the truth is this: A lot of the people I randomly encountered had NO IDEA I was doing this blog, working out, ect. And when they saw me, they said something about the difference. I never brought it up or anything.

    I think in those cases, it is completely factual. And because of that, I personally got complacent. I am not saying it happens to everybody, and at first it made me MORE motivated. It just eventually became kind of normal, and made me feel like I had accomplished enough, when in truth that wasnt the case. But thanks for the comment! How are your workouts?

  3. Eek! 16 pounds back in 2 months?

    Some things come to mind:

    - Is your diet too strict to adhere to for long periods?
    - Is your workout physically painful thus causing you to avoid it?

    I really hope you can get back on track . . . your blog is enjoyable.
    Did you feel uncomfortable when you got complimented on your improving physique?

    1. I gained the weight from NOT working out and dieting :/

      Its not too painful, I just got lazy.

      I have already lost 5 this week, so I would LIKE to say i'm back on track lol.

      And YES I did feel uncomfortable when I got compliments, but I have had trouble with compliments my entire life.

  4. Keep going man! Remember exercise improves your metabolism allowing you to burn food more easily ;)