Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry!

The good news; I have already lost 5 pounds in the first week back to my dieting and stuff. I cant scoff at almost a pound a day, and I know its gonna fall off much quicker this time around, since I have retained most of my muscle memory.

I have a potential new job. Waiting on all of the back ground checks, ect. With the new job, it will include a LOT of walking, which is a nice addition, since for the past 5 years my job has been mostly low-moving.

Being back in the gym feels great, eating better fells great, except that I am ALWAYS hungry :/ Its going to be a tough few weeks while my stomach re-shrinks to be ok with such small meals such as the packets of tuna, or what have you.

The truth is, yeh i lost 5 lbs this week, but I could have lost more. I could have worked harder, I could have burned more.

And I will!

Since my last post, I went on a I Used to Be Fat binge. I had never really seen that show, but I watched A LOT of it the past week or so. To see kids who have horrible work ethics and complaining problems achieve significant weight loss makes it that much more simple, in my mind, to me....

And jealous at the same time.

Kids losing 100+lbs in 90 days! I mean, really? This kid Jose from this past season lost 116lbs in 90 days. It makes me wish I had the 6-8 hours a day to work out with no work responsibility like them. But since I don't, I understand that that amount of weight loss is unrealistic in such a small time frame for me.

But it doesnt mean I wont achieve it!

Here's to all of you with goals, let's get it done this year!

And until that day, im still going to be hungry!


  1. Are you taking pictures of yourself? The photographic progression might be quite interesting! Good luck!

  2. Yes I am! If you go back about a page or 2 you should see some comparisons of the 80lbs I lost last year!

  3. Nice one! You should take one every day then make then into a time lapse. You could be famous and an inspiration to many!

    1. I actually have been video recording myself running in place for about 10 seconds every day, I want to edit it into one video that looks like I ran the weight off in place over the course of a few minutes, if that makes sense?

    2. It sounds awesome! Are you wearing the same clothes every day while recording? It would make the animation look more fluent.

  4. The Freeze, that's pretty cool. I'm following this blog.

    I lost twenty pounds in my first semester at college, but I didn't really have any secrets. Just a lot more walking, less soda and random crap, going to fencing practice, and running in the gym when I didn't have it.

  5. Hey man if you're ever hungry try having soup. Yup, soup. Try making soups that are chunky and have a decent amount of tomato in them, kind of like Gazpacho. Be waiting to see how you get on.

    Good luck!