Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 Things That Fat People Are Embarrassed to Admit that Are Harder For Us To Do.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am at no lack of confidence in who I am. It doesn't change the fact that I want to be healthier by any means; but here are some facts about being fat that I hate. The point of this is to look back and say, "Nope. Not a problem anymore." Or so other people like me can think to themselves "Yes, I do have issues with that.. thanks for relating"

I have scoured forums and posts all over the internet, and no one seems to ever put this out there. Here are things I have noticed about myself that are harder for me to do; that I would never ever feel comfortable telling people. This list is embarrassing, but it is factual. If you are big, or were, did you find these activities difficult as well?

1) Putting on shoes. Seriously, I have the most trouble in the world tying my shoes, but even then, with the feet swelling stuff, putting them on is painful and difficult. I get winded trying, and usually resort back to flip flops. (oh, that's why he wears flip flops year round... ding ding ding)

2) Cutting my toe nails. I had to basically beg my sister to cut my nails 2 weeks ago because I just, can't.

3) Wiping your butt. No, it's not impossible to do and no, we dont have crudd butt; but it is a task like no other, especially on certain shaped toilets. I have noticed this over the years, and will refrain from using any toilet I know to have been super difficult. No, I am not exaggerating. It can be a pain in the ass (pardon the pun)

4) Sitting comfortably on a couch. I have noticed that getting comfortable on a couch is tough for me, I assume it is the same for many fat people.

5) Taking great showers. I never scrub my feet, I just cant. That's just one thing that is more difficult as a fat person and showering.

6) Driving. I think it's more to do with the loss of circulation in the feet and the swelling, but sitting too long in a chair, and in a car, is painful and uncomfortable. Getting out to take a stretch break is bad too.

As I think of more, I will add more.as they come to me. Of course, living with constant plumber's crack doesn't make the list, it is a daily battle!

Now: let's talk about the benefits of losing weight to these 6 negatives of being fat.

1) Holy shit I can wear shoes again
2) I can keep my nails clean and sexxy
3) Wiping is just like breathing or taking a sip of water!
4) I can do push ups on the couch if I want to, and be comfortable doing so
5) Super fresh and super clean
6) I could drive around the country

Juicer shipped already! If you have Juicing recipes, throw them my way!

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