Friday, March 14, 2014

(Day 1) Finally, the 3rd juice of the Day Doesn't Taste Like Ass

Started out this morning with the Morning Red Riser; and maybe I made it wrong; but it tasted disgusting and took me an hour to sip it down.

Second meal was the Mean Green. Again; tasted disgusting. So Grassy. Took another 45 min, I finally said fuck it and chugged it.

This one, though, this 3rd one is called "Grape Yum" (thats my name for it, I dont remember the recipe name for which I found it)

It consists of:
1/2 head of red cabbage
1 cup of grapes
1 green apple
It also supposed to have a fennel bulb (1/2) but i couldnt find them in the store so i threw in a celery.

This tastes way more yummy This is one I could drink every day all day.

Now: Side effects

Already have the massive headache. It's rediculous, I usually was only eating once a day and never got these headaches, so it's gotta be the caffiene or just the positive nutrients filling my body.

Also: been hella tired, I already napped today.

I got nautious before and after the mean green.

And this one was strange: I have been cold all day. Literally have spent all day in a hoodie, sweat pants, fluffy shoes. Like, cold.

As far as water i think im up to about 68oz of water today, and Im just now about to finish my 3rd juice (drinking now).

Day 1 has been a success. I knew that temptations to eat other shit would never, and wont be a problem. It's the tastes of these juices and the headache. I know those go away after 3-4 days so I'll be straight.

We got this :)

I also found out my buddy Andrew is going to follow me on this journey, he already has a juicer so he is starting tomorrow and will be one day behind me.

He did a 30 day of this I think he said last year, and lost 50 lbs. He didn't even 100% juice. He would have a kale salad when he felt hungry sometimes.


Here's to 59 more!

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