Thursday, March 27, 2014

(Day 14) This guy is an inspiration..

His (/u/Humansharpei) story from reddit:
"I have had problems with weight my entire life. Shortly after graduating high school I developed problems with anxiety and depression. I began to remove myself from the outside world. I lived online. My weight ballooned to over 500 pounds. I was 26 and I had never had a real job or a real girlfriend. I had given up.
In February 2010 I had a chest pain and it terrified me. So I kinda went nuts and dropped everything cold turkey. Canceled the World of Warcraft account, drastically reduced the way I was eating, etc. I still have no idea what the pain was it might have been indigestion. But it did the trick.
Three and a half years later I had lost very nearly 300 pounds. I got down to 215. I didn't have any surgery or take any pills (not to down anyone who has just telling my story). Since then I have just been trying to maintain. I got a job along the way. And I have another job now. A job where I walk and lift for ten hours a day. I met a wonderful girl and have been with her now for nearly a year. Currently I weigh somewhere between 225 and 230. I have gained a bit just due to losing focus and going out more to eat as a result of the relationship.
As far as pictures go I don't have anything from when I weighed 500+ as you might imagine I had become rather camera shy. One album shows a picture from each of my last four birthdays. The other is just general pictures trying to show contrast between the way I was and am now.
Also: I should mention I do have quite a lot of loose skin. I am doubtful I will ever be in the position financially to get it removed. I am trying to come to grips with it and accept it. My girlfriend is amazing and says she loves me like I am and thinks I am handsome. But yes it is a major side effect of the weight loss."

Here's his album.

I'll tell you, seeing success stories like this really continues to inspire me to do this thing.

The demon of hunger roars heavily at night, but reading things like this really remind me that anyone can do this, even those like me who haven't known a skinny day in my life.

Keep pressing on.

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