Saturday, March 29, 2014

(Day 16) Scale Update and Random Facts on Juicing.

Today I weighed myself, and I'm down right at about 15lbs. So about a pound a day, although with the caloric deficit I imagined it would be more, it doesn't discourage me; it encourages me to do more!

That being said let's talk about some things that I have experienced in 16 days of juicing.

1) I already notice more energy when I am awake, can stand up longer, move more, ect. The night before I started my brother in law and I hit up walmart for my first round of supplies and I had to sit down to take a break. That was not the case yesterday when I went and shopped for more stuff.

2) I crash twice a day, and when I do, I crash hard. I get so exhausted so fast; when it hits me I'm out. Instead of sleeping 8 hours at night, I have been more on a pass out and nap for 5 hours twice a day. It's strange, but once I get up I feel very refreshed; which must be a good thing.

3) My feet still swell but not nearly as bad. That's a big one for me.

4) I crave water like it's going out of style and haven't even thought about soda at all this entire time. My big thing has been wanting to eat something, the soda battle was easily won.

5) Certain hygenic actions are easier then they were before I started.

6) I feel slightly more confident in myself. I have had to defend the juicing thing a few times and here's my standard answer:
"I know I didn't gain it over night and know I wont lose it over night. What I decided was that to get drastic lifestyle results I had to make a drastic lifestyle change." The end.

Anyways, Im holding off on a V-Log this week; next weeks will have stuff from Yoga and gyming in it.

Until next time

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