Monday, March 31, 2014

(Day 18) First Day in the Gym and a weigh in incase I forgot...And other Juicing decisions.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody!
Working out and Weigh In

It's your friendly neighborhood Freeze here! Got a lot to talk about while it's fresh on my mind.

Firstly,  I weighed myself today again, still 375 which is a total of 16lbs lost since I started. (That's about a pound a day) and that was with little to no movement. As of today, I'm back in the gym, and while I am super sore, I am super excited (and have a ton of energy right now) How much energy? I left the gym, went to Food Lion and grabbed some stuff and headed home, got home and just made a ton of juice for tonight/tomorrow.

Now I type this still sweating (from activity!) and about to go shower when I am done.

Today was chest day, and a childhood buddy of mine, Thomas, and I hit the gym. We have arranged to be workout partners, both of us are big guys and I find it's always motivating to work out with someone. Firstly, phew I was out of shape. We are doing our first 45 day rotation doing 5x5's, doing a similar schedule I did before:
Monday - Chest
Tuesday- Back
Wednesday - Leg
Thursday - Shoulder
Friday- Arm
Saturday and Sunday Hardcore Core.

I was most ashamed in my performance on the elliptical. Before, I could go 60 minutes, of HIIT no problem..

Today I did 6 minutes.

I know they say "start slow" but I wanted to gauge just how bad it was; and that's how bad it is.

However; I am not embarrassed overall, because I went to the gym and put in a workout. That's the most important part of the whole thing, and now my chest and arms are yelling at me while I try to type this!

New Decision on Juicing

After trying a bunch of recipes, and doing tons of studying, I have now decided on doing one juice all the time, and it's a Mean Green hybrid I created.

I make 100oz or so at a time (I have two 52oz Bubba kegs I fill up, thats about a day day/half worth).

My new recipe (amounts not included, as I went with this mix until I had filled both of the kegs)

1 Orange Bell Pepper
Some grapes
1 Lemon

After attempting a bloody mary the other day, I grew to enjoy the pepperyness in the juice, and studying the high benefits, so I figured, lemme remove celery which is a lot of water, and add pepper. Then add broccoli and asparagus (lots of great nutrients)

This is the first time I have made this recipe, so it's in the fridge now, and after my shower I will be giving it a go!

Controlling the Hunger and Chewing needs.

I decided to buy sugar free gum at the store tonight, and I am chewing away while I type this. I think this may just help me with appetite suppression and the need to chew. I'll get back to you on it.

I also decided after numerous hours of research on Juicing and such, to purchase Fish Oil. So the suppliments I am now taking are:

Men's One A Day
Fish Oil

And Protein Shake after my workout (1 scoop of Nectar with water which is 23g protein, 0 carb, 0 sugar)

And that's just a little update since I didn't get yall a VLog this past week!


PS If you want to juice and lose weight, hit me up and lemme know. I have a few people who have started this journey with me, who have taken before photos. We can do this. Together.