Sunday, March 16, 2014

(Day 2) Mysteries of the Red Poop.

I just titled that to be fun. Although try a juice diet, and spend the first day doing a couple red Beet juices and report back to me!

Anywho. Today the headaches were less, but the cravings and hunger pains were more. I found myself trying to reason to eat an Apple even after I had juiced.

So I got to researching, and a lot of people have had equal to, if not more, success by having 2-3 juices a day and like a salad of kale and such for dinner. It got me thinking; IF my resolve gets tested again, maybe ill just eat some kale leaves to curb the appetite. They say as long as its fruits and veggies, then it doesn't break the diet.

But I will juice as much as I humanly can, as disgusting as it can be some times. Yes; I have found 90% of the juices I have tried to be gross and taste like grass. Apparently it "grows on you"

We shall see!

I've noticed I was less sleepy tired today but more physically tired.

I just want to shout and thank all of those who have messaged me with support and making sure Im keeping up with it. Some of you have been juicing and such for a while and some havent; either way, thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

I ran out of raspberries today, and I discovered that the type of juicer I have just doesnt juice them well. I did some research, and the most expensive ones are really the only ones that can juice berries right.

One of the people who messaged me has been doing this almost 2 years; and he said it's not about juicing for 60 days, its about changing your lifestyle. He's absolutely right.

I wanna be the guy who orders a salad when you order a teriaychi steak!

Here's to day 3 and hopefully the last day of suffering (yea right!)


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