Wednesday, March 19, 2014

(Day 6) Lesson Learned: You Can't Juice Avocado

I am one of those rare fat people who absolutely love things like Avocados. I used to make a banging Avocado Ranch dressing for pairing with Chicken that was absolutely amazing.

So last night I'm making my juice for the next 3 days, and I go to add an Avocado (removed skin and pit) and threw it in the juicer on low.. nothing came out.

Today I did some research, and found out that in fact, the Avocado can't be juiced. Damnit.

The Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits in the world, with pretty much every essential nutrient, and all the good fats, and is known to help lower your cholesterol. The solution everyone suggests: use a blender.

So I guess I need to go thrift shopping and find myself a cheap blender, so that I can juice my juice, then throw it into a blender and add an Avocado.

Anyways, My first weigh in will be Friday, we will see what one week of this diet has done; I have remained somewhat inactive during this first week; but now I am starting to feel some energy coming back and I think I can start doing some working out.

Here's to 54 more days!


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