Monday, March 24, 2014

Day(10) Tomorrow Is Monday. DDP Yoga Begins

DDP Yoga. You heard it right. Ex-Wrestler creates program so he can wrestle again after breaking his L4 and L5 verts.

Now Mooch and I are doing this, he has already started, and I begin day 1 tomorrow.

So my days will be 10 days off.

Day 11 of Juicing is Day 1 of Yoga, and so forth.

For the DDP Yoga Website, they asked us to take 6 specific before pictures, so here is the Collage of mine:

The point of taking these 6 pictures is to track not just weight loss progress, but also flexibility and other fun stuff. Every 30 days these will be taken for 13 weeks.

I will be incorporating a normal weight lifting regimine into this either after 60 days of juicing, or during the process; either way I start with Yoga tomorrow.

As DDP would say...


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