Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Planning Week 1: Whoa That's A LOT of Shit.(materials)

I am sure that as I get better at this, consolidating and such will become easier. I am vastly overwhelmed in my mind at the large amount of ingredients needed for 1 week (if my scheduling is done correctly, but then again, I didn't do the same juice too many times)

I have spent that last 24 hours since purchasing my juicer online, researching recipes, how to's, what to expects, and so much more.

The general consensus is that you should intake 4 of these 16oz drinks a day for 64 oz of juice, and at least 64 oz of water with it.

I scoured 100s of recipes, and found about 20 that really tickled my fancy. Some are meant for the morning (since with juicing you are also cutting out caffiene); some are meant for later meals, and some are just for funzies. Here's a snap shot of ONE week of my schedule, and the list of materials to make this schedule happen:

Yeh, Maybe I am trying to do too many flavors at one time? Maybe the point is to do like just a few different ones a week so you can buy more of the materials in bulk? I have no idea honestly, I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

So what are some of these recipes?
Here's the Warrior Princess

Here's the Big Green Hulk

These are just 2 examples of what these juice "meals" will be.

I have also been looking at side effects and such, and with the lack of sugar and caffiene, I imagine I will be tired the first few days and cranky. I hope not, but that's whats expected.

I also plan on implementing a protein shake during the day somewhere once the Yoga and excersize picks up. I found out there is a 24 hour Fitness 2000 up here in King, so I plan on going there sometime today and finding out how much a membership is; and I'll prolly go ahead and sign up if I can use the Clemmons one too (never know when you might move)

Anywhoo, the support I have recieved is overwhelming, and I cannot thank you all enough. I am going to do this; and having your support just makes me wanna do it harder (TWSS)

Now the damn wait time for this juicer to get here... I honestly can't wait..


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