Thursday, March 13, 2014

Was Overwhelmed: Reevaluated the Menu for Week 1.

So having all those recipes for one week was quite, over whelming. I realized shopping for that would be rediculous, so I decided to back off the cliff a little and break it down to 4 recipes for the week.

I have been doing a ton of research, and for those losing weight they say to do the recommended 64 oz, but that they suggest going over too (so as not to go into hybernation/starvation mode.) They have also suggested for those doing LONG fasts (longer then 10-14 days) should be taking Iron and Protein replacements as not to become anemic; so I am adding those to my shopping list.

As far as activity, I will be doing DDP Yoga for the entire 60 days with this diet. I don't have a per-se weight loss goal for this first 60 days; But I will be going to Fitness 2000 tomorrow to join and weigh myself on a real scale.

I have seen a lot of males lose anywhere from 35-65lbs in that time frame, so I will say my goal is 50lbs in the 60 day time frame. When I have my Day 0 weight I will post it.

Here's the updated menu this week:

Feel free to leave comments, questions, and encouragement!

Let's do this. Tracking says Juicer will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a day of shopping, prepping, and getting ready to begin this bad boy FRIDAY morning! (use the weekend to get over the 3 day fuck-me hump)



  1. Freeze, this is unsustainable. Stop attempting to take the quickest way out brother. Try the ketosis diet and stay on it long enough for your energy to stabilize. Proper diet and exercise is the answer, new data shows avoidance of most carbohydrates is the answer. This diet robs you of calories, which will place your body into starvation mode. Be safe and most of all be healthy.

    1. Many, many people have done juicing for 60 days, and had tremendous success. This is definitely not "the quickest way out" because if you had read any more posts, I live by the philosophy that " I didn't gain this overnight, so I don't expect to lose it overnight".

      Show me your science, because this is a lifestyle plan that has worked for thousands of people as a reboot into changing their lifestyle, and it also happens to avoid like, ALL carbs.

  2. Good luck! My wife and I tried jumping right in to juicing and failed within a couple of days. We decided to start over and do the 10-day reboot from and that has worked out pretty well. The first 3 days were tough because we both had headaches, but after that we've both felt great and it's been pretty easy to carry on. Neither of us have felt hungry at all, and with some of recipes we've actually felt "stuffed." After the first 5 days we found that we had extra produce, so we free-styled the 2 days on the weekend and started the 2nd 5 day stretch on Monday. Today is the 11th day and my wife & I have lost over 15 lbs each. We've done moderate exercise during the reboot, but I think we're fixing to jump in to DDP yoga as well.

    1. That;s awesome progress, 15lbs in 11 days? Very good. Let's see some DDP Yoga!