Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weighed in tonight...

So because my at home scale is rated for up to 400, I really thought the "E" i was getting meant I was over 400; but low and behold, I weigh


When I started my journey the first time I was 380ish, so since I quit 3 years ago I have gained about 100 pounds.

Here's my goal then:

50 pounds in 60 days to get to 340.

Then by then end of August I wanna be at 100 total lost (so 291)

My ultimate weight loss goal is to be anywhere between 200-240. I think thats a good weight for a guy like me, with my build, at 6 foot.

My first vlog will be up soon! I'll share it here when it's ready.

Tomorrow is Day 1 and I got all my stuff today!

That's an entire week's worth of food for juicing. ONE WEEK. Lordy this is gonna be fun!


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