Friday, April 4, 2014

(Day 22) Just Strained my Juice for the First Time, oh and 5K.

This evening when I get to the gym will be my Friday weigh in, and I'll be putting together my Vlog; we are just over a week away from being ONE month on this juicing thing.

So the pulpiness has really been an issue for me. The foam that the juicer creates and the pulp just really bother me on the way down.

So I got a strainer; I had about 10oz less of juice from my normal recipe; I had no idea how much of it was pulp and foam!

I'll be drinking those two jugs of juice throughout the day today, and will report back on any differences in taste, texture, ect.

Weigh in tonight!

I also signed up for a 5k in June today, the Color Me Rad run in Charlotte. I created a team (The TVA) and would love for any of you to be a part of it! (7 of you have already said you want in!)

It's a goal I have set for myself as of today: Run my first 5K in June.

Let's get it!

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