Friday, April 25, 2014

(Day 43) Juicing and Life. How a 12 Day Plateau got me thinking...

So today is Day 43, and I have been stuck between 25-30lbs lost for almost 12 days. Maybe I'm just not juicing enough? Idk.

When I wake up tomorrow, I will be starting a new plan: Keto.

I have been spending the past 30 days researching the ins and outs, and I think for morbidly obese people such as myself, this is a perfect diet regimine. I went shopping today for a week's worth, and the food plus tupperwear came out to $72 bucks. Much cheaper then juicing, and it consists of amazing food.

If you are curious about it, check out Tons of info, progress pics, and such. I think it's just the way to go for a guy trying to retain muscle mass, and then build it.

I'm not going to publically post this to Facebook or anything, for those few who read this blog; That's what I have decided.

So When I start tomorrow, (Day 1) will be the new Title; and I will continue doing this blog.

Whatever it takes, fitness and health is my goal.

These are the Real results.


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