Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keto (Day 5): Just premade my week's food; and enjoyed an EPIC DINNER

I was wandering around Food Lion; taking time to check labels and learn different stuff. I never really did that before, which is exciting. 

I grabbed myself a pound of Beef stew tips from the meat section and knew I was going to have to make some epic meat for myself for dinner (being that I kinda skipped a "lunch")

Here's what I learned scouring through the 100s of sauces and stuff. Most of them are great for fat; but too high carb. I am even scared of 2g carbs in Ranch even though Ranch is generally known as keto friendly.

So I go to the asian section, I'm super curious about soy sauce. Lo and behold; Soy Sauce has 0 carbs. Fucking perfect.

So after making my 6 days of food, I portioned out out myself some broccoli and cheese and then whipped the pan out and made Soy Sauce Pan Seered Beef Tips. Rare and juicy. And ate the whole pound of it.

Im still way low on my carbs, under on my calories, barely under on my fats and just over my Proteins.

I should be full for quite a while with that meal; and it was beautiful.

And completely part of my diet :)

Keto Rocks kiddos; do your research


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