Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keto Day(4).. I just don't understand...

I think the scales at my normal gym and this one are way different.

I got onto the scale today, 4 days into Keto, at the new gym; and the scale said 393.. (the fuck?) then after working out I got back on, it said 384. 

Something is wacky; I guess the one's in king are way the fuck off; as they said 391 on day one, and 370 my last weigh in. Idk...

Anyway. When I signed up with Planet Fitness they gave me the biggest shirt they had (2x)

When I got to Mooch's today I unwrapped it and said " i want before pictures with this shirt I can't fit; I wont stretch it, i'll just put it on as far as it will go."


Riiiiight. So this is the 2x shirt that I was going to have as my goal to fit; what the fuck? The scale says "Fucking huge" and I fit a 2x shirt, easily; No straining.

I know I'm big, but I'm so confused lol.

I guess I'm going to buy a 1x shirt now, with the goal to fit that sum'bitch by VapeMania in August.

And i bought 4x shirts for Color me Rad... dammit.


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