Friday, August 8, 2014

Keto Pizza using a Wrap? Yes, I said it.

I found an awesome product today while shopping, and they are Low Net Carb wraps.

So I had the idea of making pizza out of it, and by golly, it worked and tasted amazingly!

I preheated the oven to 350 and put some wax paper down with 2 of these Flat Out Wraps. At the end of this I will post the MyFitness Pal Macros!

Sauced her up with Walmart brand sauce, which is the lowest carb option they have. I used less then half a serving of sauce to cover both wraps.

This here is just some sprinkles of cheese, which allow the toppings to adhere to the tortilla. Source: I worked at Pizza Hut for 3.5 years.

22 Pepperonis. Which is like 1.5 servings. Yum.

I'm a huge fan of Olives, and Mario olives have less then 1 carb per serving, this was about 2 servings of olives.

I needed more fat and protein, so I cut um a cheddar wurst and added it to the pizza. Yummo

Took most of the cheese that was left, and covered it all up!

I baked it at 350 for 13 minutes, the crust came out nice and crispy (the center was a little looser, but after a longer cooling it will be better.)

The finished product. So figgen yummy.

And for your macro woes:

Because I do Intermittant Fasting I have about 1400 calories left over for dinner ever day.
First column is calories, second column is NET carbs, 3rd is carbs, 4th is Fat, 5th is Protein, 6th is Fiber and last is Potassium.

If you make just one, then you're at 12 net carbs. I usually eat between 20-30 net carbs during the day, and had tons of calories to make up, so I ate both of these. So friggen good and totally Keto friendly!

I hope you enjoy!

All ingredients found at Walmart!


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