Saturday, December 27, 2014

Keto Friendly Eggnog!

Hey guys! Got a keto friendly eggnog here.

Now, I am just now taste testing this after letting it sit in the fridge for quite a few hours, and I think either a) too much nutmeg or b) too little splenda.

You can add nutmeg and stuff for taste as you will; I made a Gallon, and here's the recipe.

Half Gallon of Almond Milk Unsweetended Vanilla Flavored
Quart of Liquid Eggs
2 Pints of Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Cup of Splenda
I did the entire 30mil of Vanilla Extract
and I did 1/4th cup of Nutmeg.

The last two, I would add to taste (of course, this recipe is easily halved as well if you wanna try it).

I bought a Gallon of water for .95 and poured it down the drain, and used it as my jug.

Pour everything into it, cap and shake it shake it shake it.

I then let it sit in the fridge marinating; you can do whatever.

Here's what it looks like in the cup:

Instantly I notice it is not as thick as traditional eggnog... but it probably could never be and keep it this low carb.

Here is the Nutrition: First for the entire gallon, then a 4oz serving. (I'm drinking an 8oz glass right now)

I am sure there are ways to get that carb count down some more; but even then, not too shabby. 

It has tasted better and better as I sip while writing this. Of course, this is a virgin Eggnog!

Until next time

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