Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Black'N'Bleu Casserole - Keto Style!

I am back with a new variation on a popular dish in the keto world. A lot of places you will see tons of casseroles; and even cheeseburger casseroles. I scoured and just couldn't find a Black and Bleu casserole; so I figured.. Hell lemme see if I can nail this.

The sauce recipe I did find somewhere else; and damnit if it isn't a perfect burger sauce.

1 8oz block of Cream Cheese
1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 cup Yellow Mustard
1/2 cup Reduced Sugar Ketchup

Warm the cream cheese ( I microwaved for 2 minutes) then add the other 3 ingredients and stir.

Add together and stir

The Result: this amazing sauce that tastes like a burger straight up. 

Set that aside and lets get to cooking. Preheat that oven to Tree fiddy. (350 for those playing at home)

Bleu Cheese ( I ended up with about 1.7lbs of it. Maybe a little too much, but I love Bleu Cheese)
3lbs Ground Beef ( I buy 73/27)
2 Packs thick Bacon (about 24 slices)
The Sauce
Pickles. I found some <1g carb="" kosher="" p="" pickles="">

Here is 1/2 of the cheese I had. Try to slice and be careful, it crumbles easily.

One of the few good slices. The rest was a crumbled mess!

Get that bacon cooking. 

Of course dry it on up some. Some people like their bacon more crispy, feel free. 

Brown that beautiful beef right on up. I mixed in plenty of steak seasoning during this process. This was also cooked in the left over bacon grease like a boss.

This stuff my man. You'll see the cheese behind it, I ended up not using that cheese in this recipe.

Nice and brown. Drain that bad boy and mix in some more seasoning and get it nice and yummy

Spray non stick stuff on the pan; then throw on the sauce.

Mix it in. This right here smells like a Big Mac. If you don't want bleu cheese you can literally just eat this part and it's probably amazing.

But me, I go on the wild side. Here is the bleu cheese. Again, probably a little too much but I love that shit.

Boom, bacon on top. I covered this entire dish!

Wrapped it in foil, threw it in the over for 45 minutes at 350.

Then pulled it out, uncovered and gave it a 15 minute rest.

This is the result:

This is after the 15 minute rest.

Here's 1/6 of the whole thing; one serving. It didn't hold up well tonight, tomorrow will be better I'm sure.

I enjoyed this; but again I love bleu cheese. I wish the cheese would have melted better so I'm going to have to experiment on that. I think a real creamy melty bleu cheese would have made this even better, it was SUPER rich (if you are not a huge fan of Bleu cheese) if that's the case, i'd half the amount of bleu cheese or maybe try a dressing or something. I'll experiment more with it but I loved this.

Here's the total nutrition:
This is the entire dish

Here is 1/6th of the dish; or a serving. I'm sure you can break it down more but being that I do intermittent fasting this stayed within my macros and kept me under my caloric goal for the day.

Let me know what ya think! 


PS: I forgot to add pickles. UGH. I'll do it tomorrow and see if it enhances it any!

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