Wednesday, January 7, 2015

(Day 30) Philly Cheese Steak Salad

I saw some Steak-ums and thought... hmm let's try a philly cheese steak salad.

Here's the final product (I ate way too much of it, this was half of the recipe)

Now Last year when I visited Philly I learned that real Philly Cheese Steaks are made with Cheez-Whiz. I couldn't find any at the store, so I used this off brand stuff (found at walmart and you will see in the nutrition below) It was a bad choice. I broke this recipe into 3's so my carbs weren't that bad but I need to find a better cheese; and maybe improve on veggies that I use with it (besides just onions) And I probably put too much cheese on it for the average person.

Here's the nutrition of the entire meal before breaking it into servings (again I did 3)

Of course, if you can find a lower carb cheez whiz ( I know I will experiment) then this could get even better.. Plus I really didnt want the steakums to get so small; but that's just my shitty stove!

This was super tasty, I did add some NuSalt (potassium salt) to salten the meat up, coulda used more. Really, the key here is the cheese; I need to find the perfect cheese for this. And some different veggies and do it as an all-in-the-pan recipe. Will update after experimentaion.


(Also: 30 days in 28lbs down.. lets do this!)

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