Saturday, January 10, 2015

Introducing Nicole!

Hello keto readers!

My name is Nicole and I have joined Freeze on this amazing keto-filled journey. Freeze is actually the main reason I got into ketogenic diet. Freeze and I met waaaay back in elementary school. Yea, that’s right, I've known this guy since we were itty bitty grade school kids. We even had a tiny little grade school fling, but that was decades ago! Wow, I just made myself feel old. However long Freeze and I have been friends, he’s always helped me and I've been lucky to have someone answer my questions about this rather confusing and sometimes frustrating diet.

Moving right along! So, now that I’m on this epic path with one of my greatest friends and he’s asked me to be a part of RealSults. I thought I’d share a little bit about myself before I launch into posting recipes and such.

What lead me to choose keto? I read that keto was once used and is still used to treat Epilepsy. It can have a high success rate if done successfully. Now, I’m not epileptic, but I was diagnosed Bipolar when I was 14. Well, what does being bipolar have to do with the keto diet? Medications called Anticonvulsants, which are used as mood stabilizers in people with bipolar disorder, are also used in epilepsy patients to control seizures. Many people who have epilepsy are also diagnosed with bipolar. If you cure one with ketogenic diet, can you cure the other? While I am not epileptic, can I see a difference in removing carbohydrates from diet, replacing them with high fats and proteins? My theory is that yes, I will. It’s been said that Atkins can really fight depression and can help aid with fighting bipolar disorder. Is the “carb haze” really dragging us down as a society? I’m going to say yes.

I’m on Day 11 of my ketogenic journey. My part in this blog is going to include showing off tasty recipes, giving tips for what to do if you’re out and about and you need a keto solution, keto-cocktails, and each time you see me post I’ll give you an update on my mental health state on a 1-10 scale.

See you guys until my next post!

PS - I'm obsessed with  My Little Pony, so excuse my signature. :P

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