Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Surviving Keto Flu

I've been out and severely under the weather. I've chalked it up to keto flu and it sucked. I'm going into my 3rd week on the ketogenic diet and mentally I'm at a 7 right now. In the morning, while enjoying my bulletproof coffee, I'm more like an 8. I'm alert and awake. I'm a little more energetic while my body processes those big fat calories. 

Around Wednesday night I started to feel really bad. Super lethargic, nauseous,  and I started to get a really bad headache at work. In talking with Freeze, he told me to not care about my calorie count if it meant keeping my blood sugar up. So, I've been ignoring those pesky calories and eating enough to keep my body going. I guess I crashed out on Wednesday during the day and I wasn't sure if I was coming down with the flu, having problems with the diet, or maybe I was just sick.

That night I had my fiance pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store and I made a quick and easy chicken soup (recipe coming soon!) that was warm on my tummy and soothing. I went to bed feeling a little bit better,

Thursday wasn't any better. I got through the day just snacking. I drank part of my coffee before killing my Powerade all before 10am. I switched over to water before lunch, ate half of my left over soup and then the nausea started again. My fiance wanted to go to our favorite bar for dinner and I felt up for some company and was happy at the thought of my favorite buffalo wings for dinner. I decided to stick to just plain diet coke instead of drinking, keep it simple on my stomach. About half way through our time there I got so nausea that I thought I was going to be sick. I told him I felt as bad as I did and he got food to go, then we left for home.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and I picked up a jar of Better Than Bullion beef base and a ton of Powerade to help get my electrolytes back up. I drank a cup of the broth when I got home and that ease the stomach issues a bit. I went to bed still feeling like shit.

Friday I woke up and felt even worse. UGH!!!! I hate being sick. I packed my bullion and a big Powerade, made my normal coffee and went to work. About 2 hours into my day, I didn't finish my coffee, drank about 1/2 the Powerade and dranks a 16 oz. cup of broth, I still felt like crap. I asked my boss if I could leave early, came home and watched My Little Ponies and napped.

I browsed the internet for keto flu symptoms while I was home and thought that maybe that's what I had going on. I even consulted with Freeze and both of us were rather puzzled by my strange condition. So, mister wanted sushi and I know that they place we frequent had hibachi. Maybe a super protein meal is what I needed. We went and I ate until I thought I was going to fall out in the floor. I came home feeling perfectly normal. I was just hungry!! 

So - what I've learned - I really have to be careful and watch my potassium, magnesium, and sodium intake. I'm rather happy I survived keto flu in one piece!

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