Monday, February 9, 2015

Article With Scientific Sources on The Benefits of Low Carb Diets.

I did not write this whatsoever. But I do get asked pretty much daily on why this is a good thing.

A lot of people have this belief that fats are bad for you, and it's just not the case. I do have some studies I have been reading, and will be making a cited blog post shortly with some interesting facts and statistics I have found; but in the mean time let me share this article with you.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets

Before you read it, know this. I am normally against getting facts from blogs. I absolutely despise the "10 ways you know you are from Podunk, USA" types of blogs. This is not one of those blogs.

Every statement and bullet point has citations; like a research paper you would write for school. This is how research and papers should be done, and that is why I am choosing to share this blog.

I have been speaking to a lady, we will call her Apple. Apple and I began talking recently, and during the conversation I disclosed my ketogenic lifestyle to which she beamed with a joy; being that she had full knowledge of it. Her daughter suffers from quite a few medical conditions, and developed extreme seizures at 10 months old.

Brenner's Children's Hospital ran a program with children with her conditions, as a tester using strict Ketogenic Dieting. They called them the Keto Kids. Apple signed her daughter up for it when she was 3.

During this trial her seizures went away. Completely. She's 5 now and is still living a ketogenic lifestlye, and still not suffering from seizures anymore. This is a real-life conversation I had recently that goes along with the point in the article, and just an example of how I have seen these things be a real thing.

I have also read countless testimonials in forums where people were Type 2 Diabetic, or Pre-Diabetic; and after just a short time living Ketogenically; either were no longer at risk for Diabetes, or had gotten rid of it all together.

So check this blog out; check out the sources and have your questions answered. And at the end of the day, do what makes you happy. Living the Keto Lifestyle does make me happy; and I look forward to sharing my progress with you as I continue doing so. I will be going to the doctor when I hit 350 for a physical and full blood work just to see what it looks like compared to the last time I had all that done in pre-keto.


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