Friday, February 20, 2015

Commitment Time.

This gout thing sucks balls; but I am not going to be waivered.

As soon as I heal from this goutbreak, which I estimate as about 5 days; I'm going to go back to the gym.

I signed up for Golds Gym (which used to be The Rush) near my place 2 weeks ago and didn't say anything about it; as I was still planning on waiting until I got to 350.

Of course everything I see on weightloss Keto suggests that no gym time is necessary, I plan on adding it anyone.

Diet > Weights > Cardio.

I got my diet locked pretty nicely, 75 days with 3 cheat days total is pretty damn good. So let's do this.

The day this Gout is gone I'll be going to the gym, and slowly getting myself working out daily and making that change in my life.

Let's do this.

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