Monday, February 2, 2015

(Day 56) Last Night I Cheated.

Last night I cheated.

55 days and I had a cheat meal.

It was an experiment; and I learned a lot.

I was really craving stuffed crust cheese pizza; so I decided I would fast all day and have some for dinner (which I did do). So last night after an 18 hour fast, my pizza got here. I ate it over the course of a few hours, but I did not like it.

It didn't taste very good to me at all. It wasn't this awe struck moment of like "oh my god I miss this". Nothing like that at all; quite the opposite actually. I thought to myself, well that was unnecessary.

I type this as I drink my morning Bullet Proof Coffee; going right back into keto and IF without skipping a beat. It really made me think. Maybe I don't need cheat days ever. What was the purpose? My stomach is a little sore today, all those carbs are going to make today a fun day for sure.

I will be super pleased if this week I shed a ton more weight with that metabolic hiccup: and that's what I'm hoping will happen.

Last year when I did keto; I was about the same weight now when I went to my sister's wedding in Philly and I cheated the whole weekend. I had like 3 authentic Philly Cheesesteaks over that weekend plus everything else; the next week I dropped a significant little chunk of weight; and I'm hoping with this I do it again.

If not, then I will just make the decision not to cheat again; because why do it?

Anyways; go make yourself a Bullet Proof Coffee and enjoy the day, and just remember to Keep Calm and Keto On.

Don't forget your MCT Oil: I had to order another bottle this morning. 

Have you cheated? What was your experience with it? 

When I did keto before; if I cheated my blood pressure would go through the roof, my heart beat would race, and I'd feel like poop. I didn't have those symptoms; but I could feel my feet retaining water for the first time since I started. I can feel the carbs rushing through my intestines, anyone on Keto can relate that flatulence doesn't really exist on Keto; but I know today will be a gas!

Keep moving; I am doing my Intermittant Fasting today; I expect to piss purple again by tomorrow morning/evening at the latest.

Make sure to get those Test Strips too; they really help with indicating whether or not you are in Keto.

Thanks for reading! Let's do this. 

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