Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review: Enlightened Mint Fudge Swirl Ice Cream Bar

I have found a semi-good-for-you ice cream that tastes good. These were given to me by a friend at work after she found out about my Keto diet. In doing my homework on the company, Enlightened (also on Facebook here), I was over the moon happy about these little treats. They're low in calories, they have fiber, they have protein, they're low in far, low in sugar, and they have calcium! Unfortunately, according to their store locator there isn't a store within 50 miles of my house that carries their products.

They come 4 to a box and all the details are on the front, which is nice. Unlike other companies who only show 'sugar free' or 'low in carbs' I still have to pull the box out of the freezer to read the nutritional label.

They're still pretty high in carbs, but the net carbs are only 11. I had a good day and didn't eat a lot of carbs, so I decided to treat myself to one of these today.

The bars themselves are a little smaller than a normal ice cream bar. The fudge swirls are pretty evenly dispersed throughout and the whole thing actually tastes good! It is very minty and leaves a nice minty after taste that's not unpleasant. It's actually kind of pretty for an ice cream bar, but does not look like what's on the box.

I really like these. According to Enlightened's website they're sold at Whole Foods and Publix, so I'm hoping that sometime before summer one of the stores around me will start carrying this brand because I really need to keep these in my life.

I have 2 other flavors that I'm going to review so check back soon so see them!

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