Monday, February 16, 2015

Why's The Rum Gone?

I have had the joy and pleasure of tasting Naked Turtle Rum. I first had it at a tiny, hole in the wall bar at a North Carolina beach. When I asked the bar tender where I could get it, he said, "The ABC store next door."

So, the next day I picked up a bottle and I love it! If you like rum, this one is smooth. It doesn't have any bite to it and mixes really, really well.

1.5 oz of Naked Turtle only has 146 calories and 0 carbs. We love seeing that number beside our carb intake! So, on my journey with ketocktails, I decided to start experimenting with this fabulous rum. Here are some of my concoctions.

Sorry for the blurry picture!
I'm still finding Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash on shelves at Walmart, so I bought a bottle and mixed about half a glass with 2 shots of rum. The soda has virtually 0 everything in it and these two together was sort of like a twist on the classic vodka cranberry. I think it taste better though.

The second one was La Croix Coconut and rum. La Croix, if you're not familiar with it, is just sparkling water. It's nice and fizzy. Compare the 0 grams of carbs in the basic rum to the 5 grams of carbs in Coconut Rum. Skip the flavored liquor and use the sparkling water to add flavor. There's 0 everything in it!

And of course my all time favorite, mainly because I'm a Diet Pepsi addict, is Diet Pepsi and rum. This one is as classic as whiskey and cola. Of course you can use any diet drink here. Both the Mister and I are fond of using white rum in diet Sprite or 7-Up. The lemon lime mixes well with the rum and it's really refreshing.

Other ideas for rum:

  • Mix it with Diet Ginger Ale
  • Mix it with sugar free lemonade
  • Mix it with sugar free cranberry juice
  • A mix of sugar free juices for a great rum punch!
  • Mojitos! Use splenda instead of white or brown sugar.
OMG I LOVE RUM!!! That's why it's gone. 

Stay tuned for more ketocktails!!

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