Friday, March 6, 2015

You CAN Eat Out and Keep it Healthy!

Freeze here! Back from a small Hiatus. The gout led to a 5 day cheat day streak in which I ballooned back up to 379 from 370. I knew it was mostly water weight! I was 379.2 on Tuesday... I am currently 371 again ( I did just eat dinner). So the whoosh effect is real, and I'm happily steadfast back on keto.

Now for a truth: You can and will stumble. It happens. Life is strange that way. You can be 85 days into a perfect new lifestyle, by that time; it's a habit... and yet you can still fall. I have personally fallen off of the horse so many times in the past... it's why I am still obese and not the thin, fit me that I believe I can and will be.

My best friend asked me why my progress is slower this time, and it's actually not. I guess it doesn't "look" as much since I haven't been in the gym, so there has been no muscle toning. That's changing though; now that the gout is over, now that I'm back on Keto... Gym time starts!

I've been walking the puppy around the neighborhood to start getting my body moving, and I'm going to take it super slow in the gym the first week or so to get a feel for my limits, and then go from there.

The reason you are here, though, is eating out. I have been finding great things to eat at local eateries. I grabbed groceries to cook tonight; but I decided to go grab something anyway.

I went to a place called Bad Daddy's Burger Bar where I discovered their build your own salad menu!

Here's the nutrition on the entire salad (I did over guesstimate on some things.. being as I didn't have each item individually labeled)

You'll also notice "hungry howies" blue cheese. I just chose one that let me choose ounces instead of grams. Obviously the brands of these things may not be correct, but one things for sure; it was amazing. Now as you can see, on an 1800 calorie day, this fits your entire macros perfectly. I was dumbfounded when I ONLY ATE HALF OF IT!

I was starving, hadn't eaten in 18.5 hours, was enjoying a nice Intermittant Fast.. but ready to eat. I only ate half of it. Crazy talk, I'll enjoy the other half before bed and end my day at about 1600 calories which is nice!

Here's what it looked like all fresh out of the kitchen:

It got me to thinking. I wonder if I can make a HUGE batch of salad, with things like raw broccolie, blue cheese crumbles, ect and just have it prepaired. Then pull out a plate, portion it out, add a chicken breast and be good to go. If so, then I could eat this every single day.

Plus the Bison Burger was fantastic!  I found some on Amazon and may order myself some.

Speaking of which, do any of you use any of those meat ordering services? I've been thinking about it, as a way to constantly have good hearty meat ready for any evening meal. My goal is to gradually step away from eating out and make myself eat from home 100% of the time.

Until next time!

Keep Calm and Keto On!

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