Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Hidden Carb-Loaded Item that Knocked me out of Keto This morning.

So I have been having some trouble sleeping and my schedule is all out of wack; so I decided last night I would take some ZzzQuil to help get to sleep; 5 hours and 2.5 doses later I finally passed out. This morning, I had been knocked out of Keto! I couldn't believe it, so I looked at the ingredients, and it has corn syrup. So I did some research: NyQuil: 93 calories, 19g carbs DayQuil: 93 calories, 19g carbs ZzzQuil: 81 calories, 10g carbs No wonder! I took 2.5 doses and that was enough, (on top of my 20g of carbs from the day) to knock me out of keto! So be careful when taking medicines, cough or otherwise during sick seasons! Also: these values were liquid, I have to check on the capsule versions to see if they have the same (they just never work as good for me!) So I guess no Zzzquil for this guy! -Freeze

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